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Another one bites the dust…Bye, bye Credit Card!



Yup, even with my splurges from last month, I made enough to pay the remaining balance of my single credit card off today. Woohoo!!!!

I realize that the BAD community is very upset with me for purchasing a car other than my twins’ cars. And I will address that – the financial implications, my plan, etc. I want to get it registered and tagged before I post all the numbers so they are complete. And just to clarify, it is a used car and is NOT a 2019 new car despite the commenters who insisted otherwise.

I did respond to all the many comments…I apologize for the delay. But I was on a very stressful trip to return Gymnast to his father’s and meet with his school guidance counselor. It was filled with new memories, drama as I met his father’s girlfriend for the first time unexpectedly and tears as I said good bye to Gymnast for the time being.

I am looking forward to a quiet weekend, catching up with work I missed while away and the last weekend of freedom before volleyball begins and then school. I am ready for some regularity.

Here’s hoping you have a great weekend. My new budget and debt up will go up next week. We are working on a menu plan for the month and making sure I have the food here and ready to hit the ground running as both History Buff and Princess return to school.



School is Upon Us and a Car Decision!


Volleyball tryouts at Princess new school begin today. And they will run all week. She will be staying with cousins while I travel to Chicago to return Gymnast to his dad’s house. I am so grateful for how organized this school’s team is…from the beginning!

We already received the schedule for the whole season. I’m excited for her and this new adventure! While school doesn’t start for 2 more weeks, I am so ready for the regular schedule again.

Gymnast and Princess

After 9 months of living apart, Gymnast and Princess are beginning to rebuild their relationship.

I will find out today what the cost for volleyball will be. I’m praying, praying that it is reasonable. But I don’t mind the cost. Just this year and next and then this part of my life comes to an end.

And at the end of the volleyball season, Princess will concentrate on finding her first job. She and I are both very excited about this step toward her independence.

School Schedule

Princess received her academic schedule for the year…5 Honors classes, a leadership class and a ACT/SAT prep class. It is going to be a tough year for her. But I know she is up for the task.

History Buff will take 3 additional dual enrollment classes this fall, along with one more home school math to finish his high school requirements. He has decided to pursue becoming a machinist for now but is still considering transferring to a 4 year school to pursue a bachelors of construction management down the road. I think having something…machining…to work with to start is a great plan. Then he can decide what will come after that. (We anticipate the this program will take at least one more year.)

A New to Us Car

In preparation for this step and now that Sea Cadet has left for California, we made a decision on the car front and have already put it into place.

  • History Buff sold his car this past week. The money from the sale (he is taking payments,) will be saved for a motorcycle or another car down the rode. (This is his choice.)
  • Sea Cadet left his car in his brother’s care while he is gone. But retains ownership. History Buff will be paying for all maintenance and care cost. But driving it for free, otherwise, to give History Buff a chance to save for a motorcycle.
  • Princess and I bought a car. A used car, but a car that we “share custody of.” One that we plan to become hers once she can drive next year. My uncle heard what we were doing and offered to loan us the money interest free, since I am tapped from paying for Princess new school, History Buff’s last semester of high school and so on. (He negotiated a fantastic deal, which he is well known for, and we both believe this car will last Princess long into the future.) We don’t have to make any payments until June of next year (to give Princess time to get a job and start working.) It was very generous of him and we are both very grateful. (I am carrying full coverage insurance to cover his and ours investment, of course!) I will add this debt in my next debt update, since I will be helping Princess make the payments for a while. But she does understand the responsibility (and it is a very fair deal my uncle has made and just enough responsibility that I find it acceptable for her as a full time student and part time worker.)