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How I Used an App to Create a Debt Payoff Plan


Debt, the very thing we struggle with and yet we feel like it never goes away. We read books, watch videos, and seek out different ways to handle our debt. For me, I found freedom by using what I have on me at all times, my cell phone. I use the Debt Payoff Planner App by OxbowSoft LLC (also on iTunes) and it is truly a huge help! It’s an exciting new way to tackle your debt and feel more in control of your finances. Let me show you how it works.

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Looking Forward to the End


My daughter and I had a heart to heart this evening about dual enrollment, high school graduation and the looming milestones approaching…drivers license, college or technical school after high school. And that brought up a long term dream of mine, to build a home.

And her statement was that in all these years that I have spoken of my dream, she always thought she would live there, in my dream home. And the reality is, that won’t happen. Building a home isn’t even on the board right now.

But it did get me thinking about the future. And using a Dave Ramsey based spreadsheet full of formulas based on the snowball method, I decided to look at when my debt free date might be. Using my December debt numbers, an estimated $2,000 month debt payment and the priorities I listed earlier this month, this is when my debts will be paid off. (My current monthly minimum payment is $806 including $100 per month towards the student loans.)

Guys, I could be debt free in exactly 2 years. Completely and utterly debt free. And how perfect would that timing be. Princess is set to graduate in May, 2021. And being debt free, I would be in a much better place to help her with the next phase of her life (and myself, of course.)

This is very motivational. And really gives me a concrete goal to strive towards. It’s no longer a pie in the sky.

My ultimate goal is now to be debt free by 2021! What a great way to start this coming year! What are your financial goals for this year?