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I Can’t Hold it in any Longer …


I was trying to wait until I have the time to write a longer post and have a screenshot and everything – but what the hey, I can’t contain myself …

Credit Card #4 is Paid Off!!!!!!!!

So, the only remaining credit cards are #1, #2 and #6.

Thanks everyone who suggested that I target Credit Card #4. It sure feels good to see it at zero and I can’t wait to see if they offer a nice balance transfer offer 🙂

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Finance Charges Paid in March – $417.49


I’ve decided to add another section to my monthly reporting – finance charges. It’s one that not everyone may pay a lot of attention to unless they are keeping track of where their dollars are going. And when you do keep track – oh my…it is an eye opener.

It is so sad to see that I spent $417.49 in finance charges for March. But, by golly – it is so good to have it right in my face. I am ready to look this beast in the eye and defeat it (sorry – getting myself all pumped up here – think of the “Eye of the Tiger” song playing in the background as you review the report 🙂

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