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More News on FreeCreditReport.com…


OK, OK, I really need to stop beating this dead horse, but in case you needed another reason to not use credit monitoring agencies, here’s another:


Not only has freecreditreport.com had to pay two hefty legal settlements over the last five years, they are now dancing around new FTC regulations.

The FTC wrote new rules for companies that offered ‘free credit reports’. Websites are required to include a prominent notice across the top of the screen that directs consumers to annualcreditreport.com for truly free credit reports.

Not surprisingly, FreeCreditReport.com decided to start charging $1 for the report to avoid the requirement to put the disclaimer across the top and explained the new charge by saying, ‘due to federally imposed restrictions, it is no longer feasible for us to provide you with a free Experian credit report.’


Dear FreeCreditReport.com,

How stupid do you think we are?