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Hope’s Actual Income and Spending – Week of 9/14


It has been a crazy busy week. I think I could actually say that every week these days. But with the addition of my parents and sister here, a trip to Atlanta, a trip to Charlotte, Princess homecoming game and dance and preparing for History Buff’s arrival this past weekend, it was busier than usual. Oh, and did I mention I picked up a couple of extra work one-time projects.

But even with all that, I think I did good with money. What do you think?

Actual Spending - Week of 9/14

Income *after taxes$378$730
Volleyball - entrance fees($10)$0
Storm Preparedness($50)($77)
Dining Out($50)
Homecoming Football($11)
Credit Card Cash Rewards$13


Notes on Spending

  • Gas – My gas was high. I had doubled my typical budgeted amount knowing that I was driving to Atlanta to pick up my mom and sister from the airport and then a couple of days letter driving my sister to Charlotte to spend time with her friend. But it wasn’t enough. But it was a good reminder of how much I am appreciating my new regular budget…1 tank of gas per week rather than 2 or 3 when Gymnast was going to gym 4-5 times a week.
  • Eating Out – we’ve been doing really well with not eating out. But Friday night Princess and I were at loose ends and we called my grandmother and mom to see if they wanted to eat out with us. We tried a new Mexican restaurant and had a great time. It was a real treat for all of us.
  • Homecoming Money – Princess paid for her football game and homecoming dance tickets, but I did give Gymnast money to get into the high school homecoming game. This was his first, and probably last high school game of the season, since he typically has gymnastics on Fridays. (I let him skip this week to have this experience.)
  • Amazon – Our restock of toilet paper came this week and it’s charged to my Amazon account. As soon as it was received, I paid it off again. I’ve had that account paid of for almost a year now. *pats self on back
  • Credit Card Rewards – I was so excited about my cash back rewards last week I had to cash these in this week. It’s fun to watch my savings account, even if it’s just a little at a time. (And I got a $10 affiliate check from Self Lender, I put it in this new savings account too.)

Hope’s Anticipated Spending – Week of 9/21


My parents will be here for most of this week. But even last week, we spent most of our time at my Grandmother’s visiting rather than being out. Which means, not only am I not spending any money, but I’m not having to cook alot. It’s a nice break!

As we really get into the No Spend mindset, I’m already seeing a change in my own thoughts as I think through the week.

Anticipated Spending - Week of 9/21

Income *after taxes$464
Volleyball - entrance fees($5)
Sea Cadet Insurance$50
Furniture for History Buff??


The only notable expenditure this week is my unknown costs for getting History Buff settled in. At this time, he anticipates moving down from VA on Sunday.

History BuffWhile I’ve got a closet for him, I do not have a bed. I don’t know that I will get to it this week but I wanted it in the anticipated spending just in case. For now, he can sleep on our couch.

But there are going to be some costs with him moving in, and I’m not certain of them yet. Make no mistake, we will keep them to a minimum.

If you are a praying person, please pray as we adjust to a new normal with History Buff moving in. This change is going to take some adjustment from everyone. Any words of wisdom from parents who had an adult son return home would be greatly appreciated.