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On the Job Hunt Again


I am on the job hunt again. I hate it. (It was just two years ago, that this same thing happened, just in time for the holidays.) And I hate writing this post. I am not going to mince words. During my job interview with my W2 job last February, I was very clear with […]

Competition Season is Upon Us


All the months of training, all the months of driving hours back and forth to practice, all the blog debate on the cost of my kids’ activities (that is supposed to make you smile,) today is the day we have been preparing for! The competition season is upon us! Gymnast and I drove about 3 […]

Christmas is Around the Corner


I have been amazed at the number of my Facebook friends who are already decorating for Christmas. I am really looking forward to doing just that, but will definitely wait until after Thanksgiving. It will be really new for us as we got rid of my of our Christmas stuff with the exception of a […]

School Options


It is time to explore school options for my youngest two children. Throughout my time here, my choice to homeschool my kids has been under-fire. I am not here to defend that choice, I still stand by it. The only thing I want is what is best for my kids, that’s it, that’s all.  Up […]