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No Spend Week


Hi friends! I hope everyone’s weekends are going well! Imagine my excitement (hint: sarcasm) when I logged into my email and got this lovely little notification. (it reads: Account Alert: Balance Below $25) Low balance!? What the heck??? Apparently, I had a couple auto-payments go through that I’d forgotten about and/or at different amounts than […]

Free Museum Day


It’s museum day 2017! http://www.smithsonianmag.com/museumday/museum-day-live-2017/ We’re taking advantage by hitting the Tucson Children’s Museum for free! They also have a ton of exhibits set up outside with free books, snacks and treats, arts and crafts, science experiments and more!! Having a blast! Take advantage in your city, too!!  

Instant Pot Homemade Yogurt


Remember when I made my own homemade yogurt in a crockpot and made the bold declaration, “I’m Never Going Back!” Well, it turns out I lied. Because I’ve bought a great deal of yogurt in the 2 years since then. Don’t get me wrong, the homemade yogurt was DELICIOUS and significantly cheaper than store-bought varieties. […]

3.5 Years Into Debt Repayment: Reflections & Looking Ahead


Let’s get brutally honest. I never thought I’d still be blogging here right now. When I first started blogging back in February 2014 (see my introduction post here), my goal was just to get out of credit card debt. At the time I had nearly $150,000 in total debt, and that amount seemed totally insurmountable. (See my […]