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Then there were 3


My dogs…

Well, they’ve been a constant bone of contention both here on BAD and in my real life. And I can openly admit that I’ve taken the “rescuing” too far. We are not going to dive into the psychology of that statement here, but know that I am definitely doing some self work these days. (And I loved the Debtor’s Anonymous suggestion on my last post, thank you.)

But now…two are headed out to their new homes in the next month.


Our 80 lb Retriever mix who Gymnast adopted (well, I did) his junior year of high school. The plan had been for him to move to Texas once Gymnast got established there. But instead, he’s going to go live with Princess for her senior year in college. She’s moving out into a one bedroom apartment. Having a big, intimidating looking dog will help me feel better about her living alone. And it will make her feel more confident and comfortable as well, seeing as she has never lived alone before.

He is staying in the family. But moving with one of the kids, just not the one we originally planned.

Jake - 80 lb retriever


Sophie was not one we intended to adopt. She came to us as a foster, pregnant, and completely terrified of everything. That was 4-5 years ago. She stuck. But she’s never really been anyone’s dog. And it’s just in the last couple of years that she’s become a somewhat typical dog. Although most people have never seen her as she stays under a blanket or in her crate most all the time. (By her choice.)

But recently a good friend of the twins expressed interest interest in having her since losing her chihuahua a year or so back. Sophie will move to Virginia next month when Sea Cadet brings this friend to Georgia to pick her up. I am confident it will be a good placement for her. Especially as she gets older. (She’s between 8-10 years old now.)

Sophie - the 3 lb chihuahua

And then there were three! (And I’m working on another one going to live on the twins, but that’s a longer game plan since he is halfway across the country.)

Money Effects

All the dogs are up-to-do date on shots, etc. And I will most likely continue to help provide food for Jake since Princess has one more year as a broke college student. But I am slowly making progress is cutting back on my expenses. Making better decisions.


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    I am glad the doggies are going to good homes. It’s sad, cause you’re decluttering your pets but this is for the best for them and you!

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