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6 Ways to Save Money to Buy a House


You are more than ready to purchase your first home. You’ve already decided to hire
Black Tie Moving to help you with your move. Now, it’s time to start saving up for this
big decision.

Here are 6 ways to save money to buy a house. Let’s get into it!

Pay Off Your Debt

Buying a house is one of the biggest investments you’ll ever make. It comes with costs
you would have never considered if you're a first-time home buyer. There’s a lot of
money that will go into your home, and that’s why it’s key that you pay off as much of
your debt before making this life-changing move.

Limit “Fun” Money

If you like to go out on the weekends and splurge on online shopping, it’s time to put
that to halt while you’re saving up to buy a house. You don’t need to completely isolate
yourself, but you’ll want to adjust your budget when it comes to “fun” money. Finding
activities to do that cost less will help you cut costs when saving for a home. Instead of
an expensive night out, consider going to the park or a wine night at home.
Cook Your Meals
You might have made it a habit to have weekly happy hours at your favorite restaurant
and grabbing lunch at a nearby deli. The cost adds up quickly when you’re eating out
often. When saving for a house, you want to limit the amount of money you spend on
restaurant food. Instead, start bringing your meals to work and have happy hour at a
friend’s house.

Get Rid of Old Subscriptions

When was the last time you used your subscription to that phone game you purchased
over 4 years ago? Subscriptions have a sneaky way of charging you each month with
you forgetting you even had them. It’s often because the amount is just small enough to
where you don’t notice it. However, when saving for a house, no cost is too small when
it comes to cutting back. Take a look at your bank statements and see if you have any
old subscriptions you can cancel to keep some of that money in your bank account.

Cut Bills in Half

Internet, phone, and cable are all pricey amenities. If you’re wanting to save money
each month, see where you can cut back on technology bills. While saving for a house,
consider canceling cable for a while to save at least $75 dollars a month. You can also
see if there are cheaper providers for services like internet and phone. Call around and
see if you can get a better deal for your current bills.

Have a Yard Sale

Maybe you have a pile of clothes you haven’t worn in years or a book collection you
never plan on touching. If you have a lot of “stuff” – now is the perfect time to sell them.
You can have a yard sale or sell your items online. This is a win-win, as you don’t want
to be piling up your unwanted goods in your new house and you’re making money to
help save up for a new home.

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