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How to Keep an Outdoor Water Fountain Clean


Outdoor fountains can help make a small space seem bigger and are the perfect addition to any outdoor space that needs a little upgrade. Outdoor fountains work by pumping water contained in an in-ground reservoir up and through your feature, which then cascades back into the reservoir. While they function simply, it is important to keep an outdoor fountain clean in order to keep it looking great and to prevent unwanted vegetation and wildlife from contaminating your water. 

Keeping an outdoor water fountain clean is not as simple as understanding medical records with a helpful scribe description. Whether you’re preparing to install a new fountain or looking for some tips on keeping your existing fountain in good condition, here are 3 simple tips for understanding how to keep an outdoor fountain clean.


  1. Use a Fountain Cover

In seasons where inclement weather is common, using a fountain cover is one of the most important tools for protecting your outdoor water fountain. A high-quality fountain cover will keep your outdoor fountain protected and clean, particularly on windy, dusty, snowy, or stormy days. Using a fountain cover will keep debris, insects, and other unwanted items from collecting in your fountain and contaminating the water by adding a protective barrier between your fountain and the elements. 


  1. Keep Water Running 

Another major tip that is important in understanding how to keep an outdoor water fountain clean is to keep water running at all times. When water becomes stagnant, unwanted vegetation such as algae begins to grow and bugs are sure to live and populate inside your fountain. Generally speaking, stagnant water does not stay clean for long. Keeping your fountain running is the best way to prevent unwanted wildlife from entering and contaminating your fountain; plus, keeping your fountain’s pump running means it is actively filtering out contaminants around the clock, which can be helpful overnight or when you are away from your home and unable to provide care for your fountain. 


  1. Use Water Additives 

In addition to keeping your fountain running consistently, adding additional fountain care products to your water can help keep things clean and keep unwanted vegetation and wildlife out of your water. From algae growth to scale buildup, some things can not be prevented with running water alone. This is where water additives become an integral part of knowing how to keep an outdoor water fountain clean. 


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