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Reading Recommendations: Investment Style


I think I have mentioned that while Princes was accepted into college as an engineering major, she changed her major to economics before she registered for classes. She took an economics class the last semester of her senior year and fell in love, specifically with the investing side of things. I was just baffled, am still baffled by it all.

So now we are two years in and she is going strong, showing no signs of changing her major or her mind to dive headfirst into all things money. She just finished her second college economics class with a 100! And investing is still really fascinating to her.

As I was mentioned all this to my bestie a few weeks ago over dinner, she immediately picked up her phone and texts her hubby. Evidently, they had recently been a discussion about what he wishes someone had told him when he first started investing and he had a list of books to share.

I got home and ordered her a set to be delivered to school and me a set. I want to be somewhat informed once she starts digging in. He gave me a list of three books, these are the ones we are starting with. (The 3rd was $42 each, so we are going to start with these two that were right around $10-15 each.)

Anyone else have a “must have” book for beginner investors?

Speaking of Princess

She and her roommate of last year are not big fans of their living arrangements this year. (They are living in a 5 bedroom, 5 bathroom apartment with strangers.) It’s off campus, student housing. So discussions are already being had about making another move next summer when their lease is up.

I am super proud of how she is handling her “adulting” but I think adding additional expenses might tip the scales and be too much. But I suppose this is one of those times when I can advise when she asks, but must ultimately respect her decision.

Just for fun…this is a text I received last week after she was down sick for a couple of days. I thought you all might get a giggle out of it like I did. We all have had those “bad roommate” experiences at one time or another. At least this has been the worst of it…at least, as far as I know.


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    I just realized from the text message that Princess and I (and my husband) likely went to the same school. Only a cool 18 years apart. LOL. I understand the school’s reputation is much better now than when we were there. So proud of her!

So, what do you think ?