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Cooking for one


Cooking for one SUCKS! For 12 years, I’ve had a full table. If the kids weren’t all here, there were friends of another. Food and meals have always been BIG. But now my one kid at home works at a restaurant almost full time so there is rarely anyone to feed but me. (And I am not a big fan of my leftovers so batch cooking doesn’t really work even in smaller portions.)

On top of that, I am still trying to make good eating choices in consideration of my diabetes and weight loss goal. I am down almost 30 pounds in the last 6 months. Woot, woot!

But meal time is hard, especially at night when I am tired of sitting in front of my computer.

Then there was TikTok foodie videos…

TikTok has become my food guide. In a 60 second video, people show you how to make healthy, quick food for one. And I am here for it. This is my favorite so far..and it literally took 10 minutes to make.

Steam bag of riced cauliflower, shredded, season rotisserie chicken and then Hellman’s Spicy Mayo to top it off. I add a side of bell pepper with cream cheese and everything but the bagel season. So good! And literally 10 minutes to make. Loaded the dishes in the dishwasher…which made for less then a minute to clean up.

Anyone else struggle with cooking for one?


    • Reply Hope |

      HA, thank you for the morning giggle. Reading through blogs and comments and I spit my water when I read your comment. That’s exactly how my kids react and why I haven’t been able to eat like this for oh, 18 years now. But really, it is very flavorful and good. Don’t know it til you try it.

  • Reply Nan |

    I love cooking for one! If I want shrimp, I buy a pound and eat it all myself. I roast a whole chicken and make several meals out of it before I steam the bones for bone broth and make a pot of chicken soup. There is no more I don’t like this or what’s for dessert? Get yourself a cookbook for one or two and plan your meals before you go shopping… and what’s with Gymnast working almost full time- is he planning anything post HS? Nan

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