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My Splurge


This summer I splurged. Don’t worry, no debt involved.

And before anyone asks, since I started my corporate job, I paid extra toward taxes every pay check. I had no idea how the large corporate salary, bonus structure and then income from my business would affect my tax rate so I was overly cautious. As a result, I got a VERY LARGE tax return. I won’t do that again…but it did make getting Princess a car and me my…

Doable without taking on any debt! And I love, love, love it!

Build a life you love

I have spent decades now building a life I love. Choosing work that allowed me to focus on my kids and never miss a thing with them. But it wasn’t til now, til here…that I no longer seek an escape. I have a home I love. My dogs have free roam of the house and yard, thanks to the doggy door and fenced yard. Stable love and relatively secure finances. I have the love a good man. And now I have the “luxury” item I always wanted and sought when we traveled – my very own hot tub.

So my splurge, well, yes, I could have put it toward my debt and been all done with my medical debt. But this…this gives me a peace and fulfillment that I have been seeking for a really long time. And it has taken away that “itch” that has been constant in my life for longer than I can remember…to plan the next adventure. Now I’m content to just be here. I work longer hours, more contentedly than every before and then I end my day or even start it floating in the water. Pure bliss.

I highly encourage everyone build a life they love, work at something that doesn’t feel like work and more importantly know that when the darkest times come…there is light on the other side. I would never be able to appreciate everything in my life now without the dark times.


  • Reply Steveark |

    Absolutely, splurge on the things that light you up inside and be frugal on the things that don’t matter much. You are a very wise lady I think. And if you can find a career that you enjoy as one of your favorite hobbies, like I was able to do for over three decades, then life is indeed a very sweet journey.

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, exactly. When work doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you do, it makes all the difference.

  • Reply Eric |

    Thrilled you are doing so well! After getting out of jail, it is appropriate that you treat yourself. A hot tub is a much better an investment than a week in Paris!

    • Reply Hope |

      Had to laugh at the “after getting out of jail” – my 12 hour stint was definitely devastating to me. Made me wonder why people would do things that return them there time and time again.

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