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3 Most Profitable College Majors


Choosing a major is one of the most important decisions that college students make. While majors can be changed later on and career paths can be changed later in life, there is no denying that what a student decides to study during their college years will be formative for the rest of their time in the workplace, for better or worse. Choosing a major should require students to find a balance between their hobbies, interests, and passions, and the lifestyle they envision for themselves in the future, because, let’s face it: some career fields are just more profitable than others. 

While money should not be the sole reason that anyone chooses to pursue a degree in a particular field, there is no denying that it is an important factor for many students and incoming college freshman. Some of the most lucrative college majors include:



The vast field of business gives students the opportunity to study a broad range of topics, from basic finance, to micro and macroeconomics, to business ethics, and everything in between. While many might think that students earning a degree in business should have a passion for becoming a business owner or CEO someday, this is not necessarily true – students with passions ranging from ethics to advertising can find a suitable career in which a business degree would help them succeed. 


Biomedical Engineering

Most colleges and universities offer a biomedical engineering program, in which students think of the human body in engineering terms, viewing it as an integrated set of systems. Students then learn about topics such as repairing artificial limbs and organs and the technical logistics of medical devices. Most biomedical engineers end up working for hospitals, laboratories, and universities after graduation. This is the perfect field for students with a broad interest in both medicine and engineering. 



Nursing is one of the most popular fields of study at many universities across the nation, for a good reason. Nurses play an important role in the field of medicine, caring for patients and assisting physicians at hospitals and clinics like thrivemdclinic.com. At most schools, nursing majors will complete courses that include human anatomy, biology, chemistry, and nutrition, among others. The field of nursing is on a steady incline, with new opportunities opening up at hospitals and private clinics around the country constantly, making this one of the most stable, high earning jobs for students with degrees in the field. 

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