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5 Part-Time Construction Jobs to Take if You’re in Debt


If you are having money problems and want to clear out some debt off the books, a part-time job can help. Generating more money by taking on a part-time job can put a huge dent in your debt. The construction industry generated about $2 trillion in revenue in 2019, you can get on that. There are great part-time construction jobs that pay well and will help you to come up with the money to pay down your debt.

1. Laborer

What does a laborer do? Just about everything that does not require a specific skillset. Laborer jobs are everywhere. As a laborer, you may work on a demolition team and do tear-outs. You may be there just to carry things or get things around. Laborers have a wide range of duties that typically do not involve using tools or require any specific knowledge.

According to the Department of Labor, the average laborer earns about $15 an hour. If you did that for 20 hours each week, think about the extra money you would generate to pay off some bills. It is hard work, but it is something anyone can do for some fast money.

2. Painting

According to the Kansas Division of Workers Compensation, about 40,000 occupational illnesses and injuries are reported each year. When it comes to construction work injuries, house painters, and commercial painters rank among the lowest injuries. This means that you can be a painter part-time and not have to worry about getting injured on the job because the odds are low that you will be.

Painters, even part-time painters, can make a nice chunk of money with a little hard work. If you can paint a room, you can expect to make about $250 or more per room after you consider supplies. If you painted houses only on the weekends and did it as a freelance construction gig, you can make up to $1,500 extra each month. That would be a game changer for your finances.

3. HVAC Assistant

Maybe you are not fully prepared to rip apart an old HVAC system and install a new one. Maybe you are not sure what a load cell is and what torque sensor units are or that they are designed to work in a wide range of temperatures from -452 degrees F to 450 degrees F. That’s okay. You can still carry tools and equipment, and assist someone that does.

Every new building needs a new HVAC system installed. You can work on the weekends with an HVAC installation company as an assistant to generate more money. The HVAC industry, according to IBIS, generates on average every year $40 billion. Go get your piece of the pie and find some part-time work as an HVAC installation assistant.

4. Construction Cleanup

Have you considered starting your own business to generate more money? There is a niche in the construction industry that does not require you to build anything. Construction cleanup can be a lucrative business and all you need is a vacuum and some cleaning supplies. After a home is built there is a lot of dust and debris left behind. Someone must clean up the mess. A construction cleanup business on the side is a great way to earn money, have your own business, and potentially find a new career.

5. Asphalt Repair

Sometimes earning a new skill is a great way to earn more money. Asphalt repair is a relatively easy skill to learn and it is something that you can do on the weekends. Homeowners are willing to pay for asphalt repair to keep their driveway in top condition. To start, you do not need heavy equipment unless you want to offer additional services like resurfacing. You will need some hand tools and to watch some tutorial videos, and then you can start making money.

The best way to beat down debt is to generate more income. A part-time job in the construction industry can be a flexible way to earn more money. Start your search today and be debt free before you know it.

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