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Is This Goodbye?


When I said I was debt free, I always felt it had an asterisk like Mark McGwire’s baseball record. Yeah, debt free…except the mortgage. That stupid. Little. Asterisk.

But we sold our house in California, bought a house in Texas, and dropped the asterisk. That’s it. End of story. I’m completely debt free.

I quite literally dance in grocery stores sometimes at the thought.

You know how they say if you walk outside in the grass after you pay off your house, it feels different? It does.

So does this mean goodbye from BloggingAwayDebt? For now, yes. I’ve been debt free with an asterisk for 5 years and now the asterisk removed, mortgage free. I’d like to take some time to just…enjoy the heck out of it. Particularly because I decided to go to grad school in the fall (taking one class at a time) and I’d like to really enjoy sitting in the yard, feeling the grass between my toes, and treasuring these moments with my kids.

I will drop by on occasion to say hi or ask a question. Y’all have given such great ideas and advice.

Here are my last thoughts, please pay things off. Sure, you can do crazy financial math, keep debt, invest into something else, move debt around, BUT I promise you… nothing feels better than no debt. The peace is a warm hug to the soul.

Be kind to the next person. Keep him or her accountable… but understand that no one is perfect, and we all fall off the rails sometimes. Keep moving forward. Don’t be normal.

Normal sucks.

Thanks for reading.


  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Good luck Beks. I was happy to catch the tail. end of your story while paying down our debt. I hope you, the hubs, and the kids truly enjoy living debt free.

  • Reply Walnut |

    Cheers, Beks. I’m working hard on that asterisk too. We’re racing to check the box as a ten year anniversary gift to each other.

  • Reply Nicole |

    Congrats on true debt freedom Beks! I will miss reading your posts. I was always surprised you returned but really happy you did. You are entertaining, eloquent, warm, open, and wise. As a fellow mom of 4 I’ve been blown away with every post by how much you do and accomplish…makes my head spin! Best wishes in your future and I look forward to any updates you write.

  • Reply Cheryl |

    Sorry to post to you but are they getting new bloggers with you gone and Hope not writing anymore it seems?

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