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Money Market Account Ideas?


We moved from San Diego to Fort Worth and we need to move our emergency fund from its money market account at the local credit union to a new credit union in Texas. Yes, I know we can leave it there but my preference is to have the funds in a local bank. We chose the San Diego credit union based on our knowledge of the area and experience with that bank. Now that we’re in Texas, we know nothing about the local credit unions.

I searched Yelp reviews which was a comical – and completely unhelpful – experience. Randomly, a credit union came to my workplace to promote their services. I filled out a contact card and they promised they would be in touch. It’s been three weeks. They haven’t been in touch. I don’t think I want to bank somewhere they don’t follow-up with prospective customers. If you aren’t reaching out when I’m NOT a customer, I don’t have a lot of faith you will have great communication when I am.

We need to make a decision in the next two weeks since we are flying to San Diego to close all our accounts but I’m still a bit lost.

How do you select a credit union when you don’t know the area?

PS – Online isn’t an option for me. I’m an old soul. I need brick and mortar and I’m willing to lose a little interest for that peace of mind.


  • Reply Shauna |

    If you have any local coworkers that can point you in the right direction that would be nice. Also just walking into a few branches may give you an idea of customer interaction.

    And yes I agree with your comment about not being involved with a credit union that doesn’t contact their prospects.

  • Reply Laura in So CalLaura |

    Try googling “Forbes best credit unions”. They have a 2021 listing with the best in each state.

So, what do you think ?