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Sorry for the lack of an update last week…I was on a flight to Texas…for a third-round interview. Things change fast these days. I’m actually on two sets of third-round interviews. One for an in-person job in Texas and another for a 100% remote job.

The Texas job is a stretch job.
• Lots of hours required at the start.
• It’s in 100% in person which would be a huge shift for me since I haven’t worked in person since last March.
• Culture/weather shock. Let’s not pretend it’s going to be easy moving from California to Texas.
• Move required immediately which means I’ll probably move there by myself for at least two months and be away from my kids which would be rough.

• It’s a step up from my current role.
• The company has a stellar reputation and has the highest employee job satisfaction number I have ever seen on Glassdoor.
• From a resume/job growth perspective, I can’t do better. This is the crème of the job crop.
• Shared values.
• More money than I currently make.
• Benefits are insane.
• My boss is awesome.

The Remote position is interesting.
• It’s a step DOWN from my current role.
• The company is huge but it’s not as well-known as the Texas company. It’s not resume gold.
• Roughly 18% less than I make now which seems to be par for the course with remote roles.
• I didn’t feel super connected with my boss.

• It’s remote. I have LOVED working remote for the last year. This would allow us to be full-time RVers which is what we want for the next year or two.
• We don’t have to move right away and would probably stay put through the holidays.
• Despite not having the greatest reputation, they scored on the higher side on Glassdoor. Not as high as the Texas job but not low.
• Huge room for growth. They are developing the department and there are two levels above the role that will likely need to be filled in the next year or two.
• I could move to Kansas near my sister and buy a big piece of property.

I don’t have either one yet but there’s always a chance I could get both and will need to make a decision.

What would you do?


  • Reply Angie |

    I guess the real question is…. At this point in your life are you looking to continue to build your career and finances? Or are you looking to build out a flexible life? That makes the decision sound easy.

    It is tough because you’re the breadwinner. Although it sounds like DH can make steady part-time income to help out the family. How are your retirement/college goals doing? If you still think you have some strides to make before shifting down in your career go for the Texas job. Exploring a new city, even if you’re working there, should scratch the travel itch a bit.

    • Reply Beks |

      I love this perspective! I’m in favor of continuing to build my career. Retirement is on track but I need to continue at my current pace. I’m leaning toward the Texas job. Hoping I get it!

  • Reply Angie |

    I am also of the opinion that 100% remote jobs are not going to last forever. I’m waiting for that shoe to drop at some point down the line. At least from the news, there also appears to be a trend of paying less salary to remote roles in terms of “flexibility”. If you’re still looking to advance remote may pigeonhole you a bit. It seems companies are now considering remote as an extreme benefit (even though it means the worker is basically paying personally for their office supplies and space!!).

    • Reply Hope |

      As someone who has worked from home forever…almost 20 years now, I do not think remote is going away.
      Even my new job, which would have NEVER considered remote prior to the pandemic, has 100% embraced it and is planning to continue it post-pandemic.

  • Reply Alice |

    Angie makes a good point above: the remote thing, while popular now, may not be forever. Even though companies have learned that employees can do well from home (or the road!), I think that there will be a time when this trend dies down.

    The Texas job is a solid choice. It has more “knowns” about it. Pay, hours (at first, anyway), location, security (as much as any regular job right now and probably more than the remote job). I’d definitely go for the Texas job.

    I think your only real decision here is whether to accept the remote job if that’s the only one offered. I’m not sure what I would do in that instance. My money situation would have to be great for me to consider that one.

    • Reply Beks |

      Definitely not but I’m looking to get out of California. If I could keep my current job and move out of state I would! But it’s not an option.

So, what do you think ?