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Are You in a Funk?


*Sigh* yeah, me too.

We started the long trek back home a couple weeks ago. Colorado, my friend, you are beautiful. The Rockies are truly a sight to be seen. I saw this beautiful trip ending and I would stand on the mountain tops following an hours long hike and say to myself, ‘Remember this moment. Enjoy this. Stop stressing about going home’. Four days ago, I pinched a nerve in my neck. You know what ISN’T fun? Travelling with a pinched nerve. Hours on the road are horrific when the slightest movement brings me to tears. I understand why old dogs are so mean. Pain makes you really mean.

I tried warming packs. I tried cooling packs. I tried Arnica. I tried Arnica with CBD. I tried Aleve. NOTHING helped. It was as if stress was crawling across my back and up my neck. I’ve never experienced pain this long before. I can’t work out which isn’t great for my mental health.

I’ve been dreading going home. Yes, it feels silly saying that about California but life on the road is different than life at home. I’ve committed to leaving this state and when I get home, I have to apply for jobs more than I have been. That heavy mantle was pressing on my neck.

The reality is, I’ve been applying for jobs for a while now. At least 1-2 a day. I’ve had 3 call backs. Yeah. 3. I thought my resume must need work until an HR person told me, ‘We had 612 people apply for this position. You should be proud we called!’


They call it the ‘Great Resignation’. Apparently, people are starting to feel more comfortable since COVID is ‘under control’ (HELLO DELTA!) and are applying to new jobs. As a person who had to look for a job in 2008 when everyone else was looking for a job, I remember the frustration vividly.

I have great timing.

Real estate prices are starting to crash in my neighborhood. My neighbor dropped the price of their house by $50K and they still aren’t getting bites. They missed the window by a couple months and they are kicking themselves. Our neighborhood is flooded with homes for sale. Perhaps now isn’t the time for us to join the pack?

Sorry for the whiney post. It’s just been a rough day. I’m going to settle into this funk for a minute and that’s OK. If you are looking for a job right now, I’m with ya. I see you. If you aren’t, go hug your boss today.

If you are trying for a new job and failing, comment. Please tell me I’m not alone!

So, what do you think ?