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Prom – The Rush!


Prom was last weekend. Needless to say, with me being sick for the 5 weeks leading up to this momentous occasion, we were not prepared. And all three teens were going.

Both girls were working Friday night…that meant, Gymnast and I jumped in the car and headed an hour away to find the outfits. (Thankfully, Princess bought a prom dress last year but it was cancelled so Beauty was the only one who needed a dress.)

The Suit

Our first top was Men’s Warehouse to find Gymnast a suit. He had ordered his bow tie, etc. online to match his date’s dress. But there is nowhere local to get a suit. And evidently with Men’s Warehouse, they don’t normally have cash and carry suits either. (It was a very different experience than pre-COVID days.)

But thankfully, the were empathetic to our plight and found him a suit and even hemmed the pants within the hour. Ninety-nine dollars later and we were headed dress shopping.

The Dress

We had the size and the preferred colors. Armed with our cell phones, we split up and sent pictures to Beauty at work as we scoured the department store for the perfect prom dress.

I need to back up a bit here…she had tried to find a dress locally (used or otherwise). But I will be honest, when I saw her options, I couldn’t in good conscious let her go to her senior prom like that. There were bad…BAD. It wasn’t about me, it was about her. I didn’t want her to be that girl. (Ladies, I know you know what I mean.)

Back to the dress shopping…we found 2 perfect dresses. And by we, I mean me, I am taking all the credit for finding the dress and Gymnast really is the one with good taste. I bought them both…after confirming the return policy. (No problem returning as long as tags were still on.)

The two dresses were $404. And yes, that hurt. Frankly, I’ve never spent that much ($200) on a single dress EVER. But again, blaming it on COVID brain and that I was already over tired while shopping and just wanted to be done.

(I have already returned the extra dress and am awaiting the refund to hit my card any day now.)

Prom was a Success

Despite the day before shopping, prom was a roaring success. Memories were made, dancing was done and everyone look fabulous. See for yourself below…

I’m glad Prom was able to happen. I’m glad they all got to go and had a great time. But I’m even more happy that I will only have one going from here on out…and it’s a boy. No prom dresses, nails, hair, jewelry required. But they were all really great about the lack of planning and preparation. They were kind and beautiful and truly all stepped up.

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