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The College Acceptances are Coming


Big news around here…Princess has options for the fall. It seemed to take forever, but as of last week, she has several options for school in the fall.

She has been accepted into her top 3 preferred schools. And now we are waiting on the financial aid packages. She’s got roommate options at a couple of the schools. They are all within 2-3 hours of home.

I’m a little anxious for her to make a choice so we can reserve a dorm room. There were other locals who went to these same schools this past fall and were not able to get into the dorms. With Princess being so young, her living in a dorm is very important to me.

Please cross your fingers for us that we receive the financial packages and she is able to make an informed and firm decision so we can get on the list for a dorm. From what I’ve seen it will require a non-refundable deposit of between $150-300 depending on the school.

Pretty will start cosmetology school in the fall. We have determined that she can get a private room on campus for $2,400 per semester and a shared room for $2,000 per semester. She really wants a private room. And we are hoping that between the HOPE grant Georgia provides qualified students and Pell Grant money both her tuition and basic living expenses will be covered.

Since both the twins attended this same trade school, I am familiar with the tuition costs and fees. So I think it will be very close and I am hopeful she will not have to pay much out of pocket.

Both the girls will work full time this summer and save money towards this next phase of their life. We all stay committed to getting through school (or whatever training they decide to pursue) with little to no debt.



  • Reply shanna |

    Exciting times! You should have received any Merit Money offers with her acceptances. Look closely at all the fine print for everything. As some schools will reduce their offers/merit by the amount of any outside scholarships the kids get.

    On another note, once she decides, join the parent FB page and you can likely get a lot of her dorm needs used from kids moving out of the dorms-mattress topper, XLong mattress pad and sheets, mini-fridge, microwave, etc for pennies on the dollar.

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, we are waiting on financial packages for Princess. Not sure of the timeline for those.
      But we have applied and paid for housing reservation at her preferred school.
      She will finalized that decision next month.

  • Reply Lisa |

    Congratulations to the girls and all they are accomplishing!
    Has Princess dropped volleyball completely?

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, unfortunately. Because of the school change…again, she didn’t want to play.
      I don’t remember how much I said her sophomore year, but the coaches on that team really ruined her time there. It was a big part of her desire to change schools for her junior year. I won’t go into details. But those coaches actually got fired at the end of last year (for things related to our issues.) But the damage was done.
      So she was excited to return to the school knowing those teachers/coaches were gone, but going back to the volleyball team wasn’t something she wanted to consider. And she was enjoying working.
      I really hate it, from a lot of angles, but not much I could do. (Yes, I reported issues with coaches early in season but athletic director at the time didn’t take me seriously, very small, good old boy town here.)

  • Reply Den |

    Congrats to Princess and Pretty – it’s gonna be an exciting year for your family!

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, indeed. I think they have both passed the phase of scared and are starting to get excited.

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