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How Many have Fitness Goals this New Year?


I purchased a gym membership on Black Friday. And told the BAD community how I planned to “pay myself” for going to the gym. December was a trial run, getting into the habit of going to the gym.

I am pretty proud of myself…I have gone every week and most weeks I have gone 3 or 4 times. It has taught me that:

  1. Going every day, which was my initial goal, is not realistic.
  2. Earning my spending money is definitely a good motivator for me.
  3. I HATE the gym – like a lot! But I know I need to be more healthy. So this is no longer optional.
  4. Going first thing in the morning is the only schedule that I can really stick too. By the afternoon or evening, I am done.
  5. I am capable of sticking to it. This month has taught me that.

I’ve been consistently working up…started at 1 mile a day on the treadmill and now I’m up to 2 miles a day. Pretty proud of myself.

I gave myself the last couple of days of the year off from gym duty, but started back at it Monday. At $25 per month, this is a positive investment in myself. And something that I need.

Paying Myself to Go to the Gym

As a result of my trial run, I am modifying my “pay myself to go the gym” plan. Instead of the $10 per day to earn my $300 per month in spending money, I am doing a weekly earning…did I go at least 3 times that week? If so, I get the money to spend, if not, it goes to debt. And as I mentioned in Monday’s post…the goal this month is to take the kids skiing so I have to earn it. To the gym I go!

What about you? Any fitness goals or other personal resolutions for you this year?


  • Reply Ellen |

    Having healthy goals is always a great thing! What I would suggest is to find something at the gym that you like. If you aren’t a runner, then running isn’t going to be fun. Plus let’s face it, walking is boring. Is your gym doing fitness classes during this time? My gym has switched to virtual classes, but I have also found fitness instructors around the world that I love. Maybe you’re more of a yoga person, or Zumba, boot camp, spin, or step. Personally, I hate gym equipment, but love CrossFit classes. If you aren’t having fun and you hate the gym, it’s easier to get to the point of skipping it. I have found free classes on Twitch, Tiktok, and FB. If you look up gyms on FB, some of them have live feeds of their classes. oh if you like step classes, look up Xtreme Hip Hop with Phil. He’s out of OH and has some of the best classes I have ever seen. Good luck with your fitness journey. you can do this!

    • Reply Hope |

      I am very grateful that our gym is doing in person classes. I am going to start their Yoga class next week. Out of shape is an understatement for me…too many years of working from home in front of a computer. But time is also a factor as I just work a whole lot and I don’t see that changing. I took a couple of days completely off last week and it was so foreign.

  • Reply Alice |

    I do have a goal to lose weight. Which will be accomplished by mindful eating. No snacking. If I’m hungry, eat a good meal. Do not eat by the clock – never eat because it’s “time” to eat. No eating past three hours before bed.

    I have a goal to be stronger. Moving my body will help me do this. I’ve joined two StepBets to put an incentive to my step goals. I’m also starting out slowly with working out. I didn’t want to be “all in” and do too much and burn out quickly. Consistency is the key.

  • Reply Marzy-d |

    Its great that you are getting serious about your health. I’d like to strongly encourage you to go to a doctor to get your routine blood sugar monitoring done at the very least, and perhaps to speak to a dietician. As I recall you have a pretty extreme fasting diet plan. Adding physical exercise to long periods of fasting is…pretty iffy for someone with blood sugar control issues. With the new corporate job you should have health care, right? Use those benefits!

    • Reply Hope |

      I’ve had routine blood monitoring for the last several years since my diabetes diagnosis. Thankfully, within a year of diagnosis I had it under control with eating changes only and haven’t been on any medication for a year now (I’m guessing on that exact timeline). Adding exercise can only help at this point.

      But yes, I have signed up for a high deductible health plan plus vision and dental for the kids and I through my new job.

So, what do you think ?