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I Broke Up with Amazon


We’ve been staying in Texas for a while.  It’s looking like I may have the opportunity to take a remote position with another division of my company that only requires me to be in California 4-8 weeks a year and we’re poking around to see if we can find a spot in Texas to settle permanently.  For all the Texan’s out there… no, I won’t ‘California’ your Texas.


Anyway, since we’ve been on the road for a while now, Amazon is a no-go.  Sure, I could have it delivered to whatever campground we are staying at for a few weeks at a time but delivery to campsites is sketchy at best.  On top of that, some campgrounds (understandably) won’t allow personal mail delivery.


You know how you realize Amazon has taken over your life?  When you default grab your phone to add something to your cart every single time you need something.  Anything.


These days, if something breaks on the trailer, guess what?  I have to go to a brick and mortar trailer shop to find the parts.  The salesman walked me through other items I would need and instructed me on exactly how to replace the part.  I ran out of dog food so we went to a super sweet mom and pop pet store where they laughed and shared stories of their own pup.  Gone are my monthly subscribe and save deliveries, replaced with a stop at the local market down the street.


I have realized that in my desire for convenience, I have grown to hurt the local and small businesses a little more each year.  When coronavirus broke out, it got far worse.  I didn’t go into a store for months.  Everything was delivered by Amazon and Vons.  I was safe.  I didn’t see people.  I detached from my local community completely.  Now I’m forced back into connecting with real people, real people whose businesses are hanging on by a thread.


Now that we’re facing furloughs at work, I can’t afford takeout at local restaurants.  I feel sad seeing them struggle and close.  But I can help other small businesses.  I can do my part.  For the first time in a long time, I feel a sense of community and I realized how much I missed that.  I miss real, live people.


I know many of you are going to freak out.  You’ll yell that I’m singlehandedly going to kill the entire town with my germs.  But I’m not going to stay inside.  I’ll wear a mask.  I’ll socially distance.  I’ll test regularly.  But sending all my money to the Amazon gods simply isn’t going to happen (nor can it as explained above).


If you are low risk.  If you don’t have people in your life that are high risk.  Please.  Please.  This weekend, rather than log on to Amazon and spend all your Christmas dollars online.  Throw on your mask.  Socially distance.  And spend your money in your local community.


      • Reply Another Lisa |

        I think you write like we’re all your enemies now. Everything you post has a defensive tone and you address us like we’re making comments before we’ve even made them.

          • Lisa |

            You are choosing to tell us all about your irresponsible and selfish behavior. You don’t want the comments, quit telling us about it.

          • Beks |

            It’s irresponsible and selfish to get haircuts and dog food? What planet do you live on?

  • Reply Angie |

    I’m confused, last week you were talking about haircuts in CA. But now you’ve been in TX for awhile? Are you just running away from CA COVID restrictions?

    • Reply Beks |

      Though I think that would be reasonable, no. I was ahead on my blogging and now the posts are starting to hit real time.

  • Reply Anon Lawyer |

    Yeah you’re not hiding your incredibly cavalier attitude towards this pandemic very well. Sorry you can’t get your hair cut inside when 2,000 people died yesterday.

    • Reply Beks |

      Yes, by all means, let’s live in caves. Let’s not support those who need us by keeping them in business. Let’s focus solely on COVID for eternity. Because the government will surely save us. *thick layer of sarcasm*

      • Reply Lisa |

        If we focused more on COVID now we wouldn’t need to “for all eternity.” Yes by all means let’s care more about going on a road trip than hundreds of thousands of people dying and millions more sick. As long as you can get your hair cut and do your shopping! *thick layer of sarcasm*

          • Lisa |

            Yeah, I’ll do my part to try and stop the spread. You keep being selfish and flippant. I don’t know why you started blogging here again, you aren’t blogging away debt anymore, but I can do without it. Feel free to leave again anytime.

      • Reply Katie |

        Wow. Maybe you need to walk away from this site for awhile. Your disdain for the preventative measures in place for this pandemic is making you sound like a selfish, entitled brat. Sorry to see it., I’ve read this blog since it was created. Sad to see this happen.

        • Reply Beks |

          Good to know that dog food, hair cuts, and groceries make me sound entitled? Supporting small business? Super confused. Clearly you’ve never owned a small business. I have.

  • Reply Troy |

    Wow! I can’t believe all the hate here! I totally believe we should be supporting our local businesses, and I believe Beks is saying she is taking appropriate precautions. If you’re high risk or have contact with someone who is, I think you should be taking whatever precautions you feel are necessary to protect yourself and others. But I also think we need to support our local businesses that are struggling. Way to go Beks!

      • Reply Rebecca |

        Yes, you did know it was controversial. That is exactly why you phrased it defensively in the post.

        • Reply Beks |

          I know going outside to some is very controversial. Supporting small businesses should not be.

  • Reply T'Pol |

    Beks is talking about putting a mask on, keeping her social distance and trying to support small local businesses. It’s not like she is denying the pandemic, refusing to wear masks and attending crowded gatherings. I do not understand why some of the readers think she is being irresponsible. Is it because they are touring the country in a caravan? I honestly would not do it myself but, as long as they keep away from crowds and mostly be outdoors in rural areas without coing to close contact to others, I think it is not all that unreasonable. Am I missing something?

  • Reply Hope |

    Beks, I love this. And agree, we have become very reliant on Amazon as well. And then I see these posts from small businesses hurting. We all need to do more to support small businesses.

    And while I know it’s an unpopular opinion here on BAD, I agree, if we mask up, sanitize regularly and socially distance, there is no reason we can’t get out and support them. Many offer call in services, curbside pick up and some even deliver for those that don’t want to get out of their car.

    Locally, many offer gift wrapping and to be extra pre-cautious you can leave the package in the sun for a few hours (if weather permits.)

  • Reply Sandra |

    ‘Glad to hear you are looking for a home in the Fort Worth area. I’ve lived in a Fort Worth for several years at two different times earlier in my life. Both times we found it to be a friendly and welcoming place. I hope you find it the same.

  • Reply Sandra |

    Beks, I’m glad to hear that you are looking for a home in the Fort Worth area. I lived in Fort Worth for several years twice earlier in my life, and we found it to be a friendly and welcoming place to live. I hope you like Fort Worth as well.

  • Reply Elizabeth |

    This is a major yikes. Haircuts are not critical services. They do not need to be had while the cases are (literally) the worst they have ever been. You can spend money at local businesses who have established delivery or curbside pickup. No need to become a statistic this weekend.

    The comments about hiding from COVID forever and the sarcastic thing about expecting the government to save you? Reprehensible. The vaccine is weeks away. Stay home for the sake of the vulnerable.

      • Reply Sue |

        Oh we know. And the fact that you disagree shows once again how selfish and entitled you are. That you can’t see the difference between shopping for dog food and getting haircuts and traveling around the country is astounding. Elizabeth made a good point about established delivery and curbside pickup. It’s sad your comfort is more important than other people’s lives and health.

        • Reply Beks |

          And for the small businesses that can’t pivot to online? What should they do? Shut down? Hairstylists shouldn’t be able to work? How many single moms can’t feed their kids today?

          Like I said, I disagree.

          • Angie |

            Well that hairstylist isn’t going to be able to work when they’re in a morgue are they? The main problem isn’t the severity of the virus itself. But its ability to spread and overload the health care system. Even if you never get a severe case of COVID, what happens if your kid breaks his arm, you head to the emergency room and it is full. Or you get in a car accident, and the ICU is full of COVID victims with no room for you. You think you’re chances are as good as when COVID isn’t around? So sorry, your simple I’ll wear masks and sanitize is not the answer right now. In the summer that was plenty sufficient because the hospitals weren’t overloaded. Please get off your high horse, it’s not a good look.

    • Reply Kerry |

      The thing is, here in the US the federal government could have done a lot more to help us. There was a pandemic plan. There were experts who had input on how to handle the medical, economic, educational, and personal aspects of the crisis. But the government decided to not manage it as a federal crisis at all, costing 300,000+ lives, millions of cases where people are left with ongoing effects and pre-existing conditions, and an exhausted and demoralized healthcare workforce.

      • Reply jj |

        You are spot on, but all folks see is “don’t take away my freedoms” !! it is super sad.

    • Reply Kili |

      Hi Elizabeth,
      How are things in Canada?
      How are you holding up?
      How does public live look like in your area.
      Are you making progress in your debt reductions?
      I suppose Covid put your european travel plans on hold.

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