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I Love to Support Small Businesses…but $8 for Tea?!


While my parents were here, our tiny town hosted a downtown event titled “Sip N Stroll.” The purpose and concept was great. Our main street committee or organization, I’m not sure what you call it, has really worked hard to create events centered around the downtown area to drive traffic to the businesses there.

And although they cancelled the large annual Harvest Festival this year due to COVID, they have created several new smaller events to supplement. I, for one, am both grateful and impressed.

What is Sip N Stroll?

I digress…the Sip N Stroll encourage visitors to roam the downtown area with a $10 bingo card to be signed by the 13 participating downtown businesses. If you got at least 7 to sign your card, you earned a free ticket to an event at the downtown theatre (about a $5-10 value.)

And while you were strolling, each business provided a snack type food and your choice of alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. They were sample size drinks, but it was good fun. I dragged my mom along and we were able to walk about a block of it together. (My dad was on standby to pick us up as we knew she wouldn’t last long but it was a fun way to exercise.)

New Business during COVID

During this event, we discovered a new business…a nutrition business per se. At least nutrition is part of their name. They were sampling their wares, and were actually opening the next day. They had a tea and a protein donut.

I was thrilled – low sugar, caffeine, healthy…score! We don’t have anything like that here at all. And I was super impressed that these women had pulled it together to pen a business during COVID when we have seen multiple businesses failing.

They are obviously bootstrapping it and that is totally okay. I am rooting for them!


I stopped in this morning on the way to take over care-taking duties from my dad. The owner quickly informed me that aren’t taking credit cards yet, which was fine. There were so many options that I told her to choose for me.

A few minutes later, I had a large tea in hand, specialty tea mind you, and a price tag of $8…$8 for just the tea! Granted, it is a really large tea, larger than Starbucks Venti just for reference, but still $8!?!

I don’t know about this…but I’m still wishing them the best of luck. With that price tag though, it will have to be a treat rather than a regular purchase. Which in my mind is counter productive when you are trying to build a location based business in a tiny little town. But I have been wrong before…

Supporting Small Businesses

As I was driving away with my decidedly delicious tea, I got to thinking of ways I could support small businesses more. I mean, I get my staples from Walmart and Amazon. But this month’s challenge is Christmas shopping

I have seen lots of posts on FB where people request their friends post links to their businesses to encourage supporting one another. I thought it might be neat to do here. If you have a small business or Etsy store or something similar that people might want to shop for Christmas presents, would you post it in the comments. I, for one, still have a number of Christmas gifts to get and the more I can support entrepreneurs, people’s side hustles and creatives, well, that’s all the better!


  • Reply Lisa |

    I’m surprised to hear this coming from a fellow small business owner. Local business, using high quality ingredients, this is probably what they need to charge to make a profit.

  • Reply Angie |

    Sounds like one of those franchise-esque tea shops started by HerbaLife promoters. Typically they’re called nutrition clubs and use Herbalife to make teas with questionable benefits. They’ve got generic low budget signage and don’t advertise Herbalife anywhere. It’s an MLM, so not a “real” local business. I mean it is a local business, but selling MLM products.

    Otherwise, I’ve noticed the prices have ticked up on local businesses in my area. Long gone are the days of specials and happy hours. I’m fortunate for both DH and I to have our jobs still. I’ve been purposefully buying from local businesses and not worrying so much about the price. An extra few dollars means more to them than me right now.

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    I do not own a small business but our household is friends with several small business owners. One of our friends owns 2 restaurants, another owns 2 restaurants and a new business that works on signs, a third owns a small real estate and rental management company, and finally the only one that would be relevant for people to shop from during the holidays is Adventure Toys and Hobbies located in Roanoke and Christiansburg. The owner of that particular store is Stacy Martin

  • Reply Annie |

    I support local businesses. But, I keep my budget in mind when I purchase from them. I look at the price before I make a decision on what I purchase. If my budget allows for $4 for a drink, I will order a size that is $4 or under. It seems like a no brainer for people looking to pay off debt.know your spending limit and stick to it.

  • Reply Jessica |

    I will happily pay a couple more dollars to a local small business over a chain especially during the pandemic. That’s the only way these places are going to stay open. We should all do our part to try and seek them out and support them with cash flow when we are able to.

So, what do you think ?