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Digital Cash Envelopes – Qube Money


There are lots cash envelope systems discussion in the Dave Ramsey Facebook groups I am in. Questions on how to track regular budget line items balances and spending along with their sinking funds abound.

While many still do cash envelopes, there has definitely been a surge in questions about apps to track money designated for specific line items. And let’s be honest, managing multiple accounts is not for the faint of heart. It can get confusing, even overwhelming.

But I think I may have found the solution. It’s in beta, but they have taken the “cash envelope” system and digitized it. And they have added features to share access with your significant other AND have child accounts. Love it!

The Qube Money system combines digital banking, line item budgeting and parental controls and so much more. This team has also taken into consideration many of the security concerns people have with online banks and children and money and built in safeguards to give you peace of mind.

Qube Money Plans

They have several different plans to fit everyone’s needs and budgets. And the feature list is impressive.

More Control than a Typical Bank Account

I think my favorite feature other than literally digitizing the cash envelope system are the family oriented and parental control features. Even though I am on the kids accounts, I have very limited control over their actual spending unless I take complete control which seems counter intuitive.

I have had fits with canceling the random subscriptions the kids have signed up for. This was especially hard when they first started with managing their own debit cards. They would sign up for a “free” something that in the small print would say “14 day free trial.” As a result, Qube Money’s Subscription Control feature jumped out at me.

While it may be in a beta, I’ve been really impressed with what I’ve read and what they plan to offer. I’ve signed up to get access when they launch. If this intrigues you as much as it does me, let’s discuss!


  • Reply Angie |

    That seems like a gimmick to me. Especially if you don’t have a lot of spending categories like yourself. To pay for a service, to help ensure you aren’t paying for other subscription services, seems counterintuitive to me. But if that is actually an issue in your household, then by all means trial it out. And get it all cleaned up. I think the monitoring your kids spend is cool for younger kids now that everything is digital. But as you mentioned, that’s not super useful because your kids are at the age of transitioning to their own bank account. Everyone needs to learn the hard way about subscription services and overdraft fees right?

    Budgeting = envelopes. Therefore, any online budgeting system is the envelopes system. The envelopes were just a way to have a physical hard stop once you reached your budget so you literally could not spend more. Or is there something I’m missing? I’ve used Mint for years, you can add all your accounts and as many budget categories and subcategories as you want. It’s by Intuit so I feel safe with it. And I’ve used it for 5+ years so you can see trends of spending over time.

  • Reply Mrs. H |

    I’ve been using an app called Good Budget for years. It is just an online version of the envelope system. We use the free version and do not tie it directly to our bank accounts. We just use it to set an amount for spending and tracking in each category each month rather than carrying cash around. It is super easy, free, sharable in the family and really helped us get our budget tightened up.

    There is a paid version with some extra features, but we have never felt the need to try them because the free one is so effective for us.

    • Reply Hope |

      No, it was just an app that was brought to my attention that I thought had promise. I am not a fan of cash, I don’t do well in holding myself accountable with it. And frankly, I am scared of losing my “cash envelopes,” maybe an unrealistic fear but one that prevents me from carrying cash.

      So this seemed like a good compromise. Having a bunch of different bank accounts is challenging as well, so…we will see when they go live.

      • Reply Annie |

        Envelopes stay in a lock box. You only remove the cash from an envelope the day you are ready to spend it. Cash dives you physical evidence on how much money you have left for a specific budget item. Many find cash helpful for this reason. I

        For subscriptions, my bank takes care of that. It lets me know when a subscription fee will be dedicated from my account.

    • Reply Hope |

      I am always very clear when I include an affiliate link. This is just my take on this new product.

  • Reply Tajweed Rules |

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