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Dental Insurance for the Win


I wrote back in July about how I added dental insurance to our health insurance. Well, we’ve taken it for a spin and it’s already paid for itself. Score!

Princess, Gymnast and I visited the dentist this past week, all with glowing results! No cavities for two of us, great bone density and overall fantastic oral health. Chalk one up to good hygiene habits taught from a young age. One of the kids was even told that their teeth would put dentists out of work.

But in both cases, evidently neither of my kids want to grow up. Princess still has baby teeth with no signs of being replaced. And she still doesn’t have her wisdom teeth. On the other hand, Gymnast still doesn’t have his 12 year molars. The dentist did recommend a free consult at an orthodontist in 6 months to review missing teeth and possible extraction to make room for others. Evidently, they both have short jaw lines.

One of us will return for some cavity fillings, but the estimate after insurance is only $250. (Less than 1/2 the original estimate.) And we’ve already scheduled our next cleaning.

The dental insurance is costing me right at $50 per month and our cleanings were free. So the insurance has already paid for itself with the savings on the cleanings and the cavity partial coverage. Woot, woot!


  • Reply Lisa |

    Does Princess not have wisdom teeth or have they not come in? Some people just never have them, I don’t. It’s nice, never had to mess with getting them removed. Glad everyone doesn’t need much work done.

  • Reply Meghan1227 |

    I understand the twins are adults who hopefully get insurance through their employers. What about Beauty? She is a minor in your care.

    Great news for the two with no cavities!

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