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The Only Thing that is Consistent is Change


Things continue to return to ‘normal’ around here, or at least, a new normal.

As you know Gymnast went to Texas last month to spend time with my parents and siblings. Princess and I will join them at the end of the month to celebrate Gymnast birthday and see my parents. We are traveling using the airline credits we gained from this same trip last year.

I’m really grateful that it has worked out for Princess to take college classes this summer. She is getting 9 hours in for FREE thanks to Georgia’s dual enrollment program. And since they are all online, it’s really made it easy for her to have a life. I’ve been very impressed with how she is managing her part time job, 9 hours of school and enjoying her free time with friends as new driver.

Ready to Adult

The camp Sea Cadet works at every summer has just announced that they will be holding day camps this year rather than the overnight camps. Before the COVID 19 changes, he had planned to return from Americorp and spend the summer as their camp nurse. Since he was sent home early, he has gotten a full time job as a health screener at a factory, a part time job as a EMT with our local county and is completing his Fire I training with the promise of a full time firefighter/EMT job in another county. (As I’m writing this, he’s just returned from one of his Fire I tests…a real burn.)

But he has decided that he does want this one last summer at camp, so he will be returning to Virginia. He will work for the month of July as the camp nurse. He will have completed his Fire I training before he leaves. As a result, he anticipates coming back to a full time job at as a firefighter/EMT in another county.  And he will also be able to hang on to his part time EMT job in our local county as well.

Waiting to Find Out about School

Gymnast, Princess and I will return to Georgia in July. Princess will have a couple more weeks of school at that point. I am hoping to get Gymnast his drivers permit. And we will wait to hear from the school districts are going to do. There are lots of rumors floating around, but we will wait to here definite plans.

That will determine what happens with Gymnast…until we have something concrete from the schools, the plan is that he will remain here.


  • Reply Ellen |

    I’m not trying to be rude, but what does any of this have to do with getting out of debt?

    one thing made me raise an eyebrow, why would you get Gymnast a Georgia learner’s permit when he no longer lives in GA? IL has criteria that has to be met in order to get your permit and even your license. It would really suck for him if he would have to start his time all over because you didn’t do things using IL regulations. With my last 2 kids, the rules changed from my first 3. They are pretty strict with drivers under the age of 21 here. There’s time restrictions on driving, who they can have in the car with them etc. but along with that, they have to have their IL permit for at least 9 months to get a license and they have to be within 30 days of taking drivers ed to even get their permit. The high school that my kids go/went to doesn’t allow you to take drivers ed until you are within 6 months of your 16th birthday. My July baby had take drivers ed outside of the school because he didn’t want to wait until summer school to get his license. I haven’t had to deal with having a child that had a permit from another state, but you might want to see what the rules are for that. Do your research. Check with his school and check with the state is the best advice I can give you.

    • Reply Hope |

      I think a lot of the “what is happening in our lives” greatly affects our budget and debt payoff. Without this background other decisions and actions just make no sense.

      As for Gymnast, believe me, we have looked at all options for his permit. And well are versed in the state laws.

  • Reply Deb |


    Can you tell readers what the expectations are for him to assist with car insurance, maitenance, and any other financial concerns that can heppen with a new driver in the family? This would have to affect the budget since he will be a young new driver. Will he be able to participate in some kind of part time job to earn cash to contribute to the costs of having his license and being responsible for at least a portion of his insurance?

    I am glad that Sea Cadet is doing well with his new oppurtunuties.


    • Reply Hope |

      There are actually no insurance costs with a learners permit, they are covered under the 21+ year old who is in the car when they drive.
      That has been the same in both VA and here in GA.

      His driving time will be limited to when I or his twin brothers agree to take him driving. But he does have to accumulate 40+ hours of drive time over the year before he can test for his drivers license, at least here in GA.

      I am hopeful that he will be able to get a part time job, but at this time, there will be no costs associated with his driving.

  • Reply Brianne Archer |

    OK, I’ll be the one to say it. Please don’t travel unnecessarily during a public health emergency.

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