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Pandemonium…Schools are Closed!


I don’t know about you, but I’m on the fence about how serious to take the current state of affairs.

As of Thursday, History Buff’s college classes have been canceled for at least two weeks. And as of yesterday, Princess’ school is closing campus and will be teaching virtually for at least the next month. (Hello, everyone want to homeschool?)

Prior to this, Princess school had already stated that anyone who traveled over Spring Break (first full week in April) would have to self quarantine for two weeks before returning to campus. She was not excited about that at all. Her trip to Texas to her Grandparents is now up in the air.

I am grateful that currently there are no confirmed cases of the new virus within 50 square miles of us. And because of that, I wonder if these actions are a bit of overkill. But I realize these actions are to protect the most susceptible among us and I can definitely get behind that!

How with the Quarantine affect Business Owners?

I do worry about many small business owners. This is going to and is already hurting A LOT of people. I fear many small businesses will not be able to outlast the “quarantine” periods many communities and people are self-imposing.

Although, I am blessed to work from home, many of my clients don’t and they are already feeling/seeing the effects. And on that note, what is with the run on toilet paper? I anticipate I will begin to feel the effects as well as my clients tighten their belts.

But on the other hand, I have clients ready to try new things or push out alternate plans which has already created an uptick in work. Hopefully, it will balance out.

We are fully prepared for a self quarantine period. I hope you and yours are well. I hope you have enough. And I hope the isolation doesn’t drive you bonkers…I for one am really looking forward to more board games, more cooking together, long walks with the dogs and much more that I have missed since our lives got crazy.

I foresee that the next several weeks will be a no spend time period for many of us. And in many cases, that will be good.

(After I wrote this, I was informed that Gymnast school has also been cancelled for a minimum of two weeks. He will be coming here for the duration and possibly longer. He will arrive on Sunday.)


  • Reply Laura |

    No, they are not overkill. There aren’t any cases near you yet. This is to stop that from happening. It stinks to cancel vacations and plans but unless we want to wind up like Italy, this is necessary.

  • Reply SMS |

    You are just lucky if there are no cases in your area, but that will probably change. I don’t believe the measures are overkill. The virus has to be contained. Good that Gymnast is coming to you. He’s safer than in a big crowded city.
    Stay safe!

  • Reply Jessica |

    Educate yourself on basic epidemiology before you say this is overkill. Italy shut down their entire country and is still having to choose who and who not to treat. You and princess are both are high risk with diabetes and asthma – you should be taking this more seriously

    • Reply Ellen |

      I saw a video of an actor in Italy that had his dead sister laying in a bed and no one would come get her! It was heartbreaking.

  • Reply Katie |

    It’s not overkill. Each infected person spreads on average to 7 others. This is one of the few ways to prevent the spread.

  • Reply Ellen |

    Please tell us that you did not put gymnast on a plane during this crazy time?!
    You said you don’t know how serious to take it because you haven’t had any outbreaks within 50 miles of you, but there are outbreaks in GA and IL. I hope you at least took the fact that being around hundreds of people in an airport and then others in a close confined space of place would put him in major danger of exposure into account. You have other kids to think about and omg your grandmother.

  • Reply Cheryl |

    I don’t know Hope, baseball, basketball, hockey, and NASCAR have stopped. I am thinking this is serious. Betting the people of Italy things it’s serious now.

  • Reply Joe |

    Not to mention that the confirmed positive numbers are likely drastically underestimating the spread due to the egregious and inexcusable lack of access to testing.
    Remember the threat to any individual from the virus itself is small, but the cascading effects when hospitals get overloaded can put anyone in danger (e.g. folks who couldn’t get their chemotherapy, if you get in a car accident and trauma center is understaffed, etc.). So the most important thing we can all do is minimize the rate of transmission (“flatten the curve”).

  • Reply shanna |

    Our area just got put on Shelter in Place Lockdown for a minimum of 3 weeks. My child in another town 500 miles away is quaratined due to exposure to a college student who didn’t realize they had it and then tested positive. If your son is traveling to you, none of you can go near your grandmother until he has been home for 14 plus days. Please take it seriously and be so very careful!

  • Reply Laura |

    Do not have your son come to GA unless the place he is living is unsafe. It is beyond reckless to bring someone from a big city, who has had dozens of contacts a day at school, through the airports and into your small town. Not only is it an unnecessary cost, it is endangering everyone around you and is excessively selfish.

  • Reply Angie |

    Okay so no cases near you…. yet. Where do you think the majority of cases originated? The airport! There have been multiple stories in the past few days of people who have boarded a plane while they knowingly had coronavirus. One infected person can infect 10+ others just in daily life. That’s not considering using mass transit. If you do insist on having Gymnast fly to stay with you, I think you should self quarantine for 14 days (or the current guidance) before anyone in your household (including you!!) goes to take care of your grandma or other at risk people.

    I too thought it was comical at first. But now I’m forced work from home for a minimum of 8 weeks. All restaurants and bars were forced closed today for 8 weeks. I’m actually expecting full on lock down soon. We’re at the inflection point of the exponential curve of the outbreak. We could calm it down like China has, or we can be ignorant and live our daily lives and it will get much worse very quickly.

    I’m glad you’ve been building up that emergency fund. Because small businesses are going to get hammered over this and I’d expect some lost business on your end.

  • Reply Mrs. H |

    If anything, the efforts to contain this virus so far have been underkill…not overkill. You most certainly have cases in your area, they are just not confirmed by testing. We are running about two weeks behind Italy, and without major adjustments to our behavior we will be in the same situation they are soon.

    Yes, there are financial implications to quarantines…they pale in comparison to the tragedy (including financial) of not taking decisive action now.

  • Reply Lauren |

    Of course this is not overreaction. Don’t you understand exponential growth?? What are your news sources — Rush Limbaugh and Fox News, or some other complete joke?

So, what do you think ?