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7 Reasons to Consider Switching From Windows to Mac in Your Office


Coke vs Pepsi, Samsung vs Apple, pecan vs pecan (I know you said it in your head), and Windows vs Mac.

The computer giants have long been subject to debate among programmers, businesses, bloggers, and really anyone who owns a computer.

So why should you consider switching from Windows to Mac?

Keep reading for 7 reasons why you should consider switching.

What is a Mac Computer?

In 1976 Apple was founded by Steve Jobs, Steve Wozniak, and Ronald Wayne. The company first sold software but in 1984 they introduced the first personal computer, the Macintosh. This was revolutionary in the tech world.

From there, Apple absolutely exploded. For nearly 50 years they’ve managed to keep their status as one of the best and biggest electronics companies in the world.

Macs are known for their straight out of the box readiness. They can be set up and connected to your other Apple devices almost instantly.

The one caveat is that they are slightly less customizable than Window’s computers. This isn’t usually a problem for anyone but coders and Apple has even gone to lengths to fix this problem by introducing an updated operating system.

What is a Windows Computer?

Shortly after Apple was introduced to the world, in stepped Bill Gates. He introduced Microsoft Windows and thus began the PC vs Mac war that still runs strong today.

PC stands for personal computer and although they typically run on Windows software, the customization features of the device allow it to run nearly any software.

One key difference between Windows and Apple is that Apple tends to keep its software and devices to itself, while Windows sells its software to other companies. This is why you see computers from Dell, Lenovo, and HP, just to name a few, running in Windows software while you won’t find an HP computer with Apple software.

1. Connectivity and Workflow

If there’s one thing that Apple rules at, it’s being connected across all platforms which allows for a much smoother workflow.

Long gone are the days of hopping back and forth between your computer and your phone to see your text messages while also writing an email.

Apple has truly gone above and beyond to integrate. No matter your profession, Apple has made sure that you have access to all of your materials, whether that’s email, text, Photoshop, documents, etc. across all of your devices.

Not to mention that Airdrop makes sharing large files with your colleagues so much easier. You won’t have to worry about that annoying message popping up saying that your email attachment is too large or Dropbox telling you that you’ve run out of storage space. Airdrop allows for large files to be transferred between Apple products quickly and reliably.

2. Security

Most digital viruses were originally written for PCs. For some reason, Microsoft can’t seem to get the hang of a virus-proof system in the same way that Apple does.

The added security is also due to the fact that since Apple doesn’t occupy as much of the computer market as Windows does, hackers who create viruses usually target Microsoft software instead of Macs’.

3. Desk Space

Macs have gotten small. Say goodbye to the days of an entire room devoted to one computer operating system and say hello to actually having a computer compact enough to do work on your airplane tray table.

There are a variety of sizes to choose from, from a larger pro option to a small tablet with a detachable keyboard.

4. Battery Life

As we know, Microsoft Windows software runs in a wide variety of different computers, which means that there’s no standardized battery performance across the chart.

However, because Apple keeps its software to itself and sells its own machines, the battery life tends to be of a higher quality. This is ideal for a working situation because you’ll easily be able to grab your computer and head across town to the next meeting or work on a train without worrying about bringing your charger along.

5. Fewer Options to Choose From

This probably sounds like a bad thing. Yes, there are fewer computer options to choose from when it comes to purchasing a Mac.

However, sometimes less is more.

If you’ve ever tried to shop for a PC, you know how overwhelming the process can be. Do you purchase from a Windows machine from Dell, Lenovo, HP, or Microsoft itself? Each of these sellers seems to offer at least 10 to 15 laptops and modifications.

No amount of online quizzes can help you now.

Apple makes it easier on the consumer. With five computer options to choose from

6. Application Installation

Once upon a time, most programs were made to be installed with Windows software. If you had a Mac, you were left with what they supported in the App Store.

These days are long gone! With the OSX operating system installing programs has never been easier.

If you’re worried about missing the Microsoft Office Suite, you’ll be thrilled to know that Microsoft Office for Mac is entirely doable.

7. Customer Services

There is a lot to be said for quality customer service.

Apple has been winning this game year after year, while Microsoft still has to strive to please.

Apple retail stores are found all over the world. No matter the country, if you’re having a problem with your iPhone or Mac, you can bring it to a Genius Bar for support. And as most of us know, someone fixing your tech problems for you in person is infinitely more helpful and far less condescending than someone telling you to restart your computer over a phone call.

The added benefit of Apple customer services is that this is all they do. It’s not a teenager at Best Buy who is supposed to know how to solve all of your tech problems, it’s someone who knows solely Apple products.

Good customer service is worth its weight in gold!

Start Switching From Windows to Mac

So now that you know why you should consider switching from Windows to Mac, it’s time to start shopping!

Not ready to make the purchase? We totally get it. Keep researching instead to see how you can get the most bang for your buck.

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