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No Reason to Leave the House Anymore


It’s been one week since the littles or I left the house. (We didn’t end up hiking last week as planned as the trails we were headed to were shut down that day by the government.)

We’ve played lots of board games, learned some new card games, put together puzzles and enjoyed making big meals together on a daily basis. There is always music blaring somewhere in the house, except during designated work/school time, and we spent a lot of time lazing in the hammocks outside.

School takes up a good deal of Princess day time. And Gymnast is just getting started with his online school sessions so we will see how those pan out. History Buff is getting tons of overtime and loving it. His school also started back last week. And Sea Cadet is running first responder calls while waiting to hear about a local job. (He has accepted a part time FEMA job, but it will not start until May since that is when his Americorp commitment ends.)

Princess and Gymnast

Princess hard at work while Gymnast enjoys his week of Spring Break

The twins are out and about most every day so they have picked up things we needed rather than us having to get out.

On the Financial Front

On the financial front, this time has been fantastic. I anticipate the longer this continues the more I will save. Not leaving the house, making do with what we have on hand to eat and entertaining ourselves with things around the house is great. All our “extra” money is just sitting.

Work continues to be hit and miss. Many clients have cut back while others are expanding online. It will definitely not be a banner month. But I believe I will make enough to cover the monthly expenses for next month, I hope.

Are you taking advantage of the financial breaks being offered? Student loan forbearance, skipping mortgage payments, etc? At this point, I am not. But I have decided if I can avoid dipping into my EF with no penalties, I would consider it.



  • Reply SMS |

    History Buff and Sea Cadet could easily bring the virus into the house from outside…they need to shower, wash their clothes, wipe everything down. The littles may not be so susceptible, but you are.
    If your work continues to shrink, you may be eligible for benefits under the stimulus package expansion of unemployment benefits. I believe freelancers/gig workers were included.

    • Reply Hope |

      You are very right. We have had medically recommended procedures in place from the beginning since we were going back and forth to Grandmama’s since early January. Thankfully the entrance to our home is through the laundry room.

      Yes, I believe they did expand the stimulus support to freelancers.

  • Reply Emily N. |

    I was originally going to keep paying on student loans, but I came across a suggestion that changed my plans. Instead of paying each month, I’ll put that amount aside. If employment goes south, I’ll have a stash of extra funds. If I don’t end up needing that money, I can make one giant payment on the student loans before interest rates go back to normal.

    • Reply Hope |

      I’ve had this thought as well. I just received notice from my student loan provider that I received an automatic deferment until June. I think I will pay enough to cover the interest, but stash the rest in case things go south.

      • Reply Emily N. |

        Federal loans are at 0% interest through September. From what I’ve read all the servicers have updated rates on their for all federal loans. If you log into your site, you should be able to see if your interest rates have been updated. I have a FFEL loan, which doesn’t qualify for the interest reduction, but all my husband’s loans are at 0%.

So, what do you think ?