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What Is a Tax Attorney and How Can They Help Me With My IRS Audit?


According to the American Bar Organization, the total number of lawyers in the United States hit 1.35 million in the year 2019.

This is a 0.7% growth in the rates of individuals admitted to the bar since the year 2018. Out of these growing numbers of lawyers, there has been a steady growth in those specializing in tax-related matters.

Whether you’re operating a small or medium-sized enterprise, tax filing is mandatory. You may need to consult an IRS tax attorney for consultations and services on IRS tax-related issues.

Are you wondering what is a tax attorney?

Well, as you prepare for your next audit, a tax attorney should be at the center of the process. Read here to learn all about tax attorneys and their roles.

What Is a Tax Attorney?

Most people aren’t aware that IRS lawyers do exist.

A sizeable number of business owners only get to know about tax attorneys once their companies are scheduled for IRS audits. A tax attorney specializes in assisting businesses to file their tax returns and to also respond to various IRS audit queries.

Nothing sends shivers down the spines of enterprise owners than receiving that IRS audit notice.

Whether you may be on the wrong or just honoring a standard statutory procedure, having a seasoned lawyer by your side is of utmost importance.

Are you facing an audit process, and you wonder how useful an audit attorney can be? Here is everything you need to know.

Why Do You Need a Tax Lawyer During an Audit Process?

A critical role that most audit lawyers engage in successfully is that of representation during IRS audits. An audit occurs when the IRS targets your business due to the assumption of tax-related errors in the course of filing your returns.

The IRS may also cite you for possible tax-related fraud or for providing questionable information in the course of filing returns. During such instances, you may require a lawyer with vast knowledge related to tax filing to guide you through the IRS audit process.

The Three Types of Audit

There are three kinds of IRS related audits that, as a business, you may need to be aware of in the course of operations.

1. Field Audits

This is the most invasive audit process you might ever have to go through as an individual or business. During this process, the IRS sends its agent to the office to undertake the audit process.

2. Office Audits

The IRS may, in some cases, require that you submit all the required audit documentation of the items in question to their offices. In such cases, the process is less invasive because you have a sense of control over what to provide.

3. Correspondence Audit

If the IRS does not find it necessary to send an agent to your business or to summon you to their offices, you may have the option of sending correspondence through email. This procedure is often less complicated.

In all these three procedures, having a tax attorney can help you resolve any tax-related queries the IRS may have concerning your business. While it doesn’t necessarily mean that there’s something wrong when you are summoned by the IRS, having an IRS lawyer prepares you for any legal processes that may follow.

The Importance of an IRS Tax Attorney During Audit

Have you been wondering what is a tax attorney and their benefits to a firm during the IRS audit process? Well, here are just a couple of reasons why you may need to hire a tax attorney.

Exemption from Testifying

Most businesses will, at one point in their lifecycle, end up in trouble with the IRS. In such cases, the main concern is how to navigate the intense grilling without giving self-incriminating information. An IRS tax attorney can be handy in such cases.

With a professional tax lawyer, you are assured of the critical attorney-client privilege that is critical during the hearing. Your attorney can’t testify against you, unlike in the case of CPAs who have the legal and professional obligation to disclosure.

Help You Make the Right Decision

Settlements during IRS disputes may be hard to come by, especially if you’re at fault. The situation is even worse if you’re found liable in the matter.

Hiring a CPA during the process can be important because of their knowledge of tax processes. However, when the issue gets to the level of a fully-fledged legal matter, finding a reliable tax attorney is of utmost importance.

Tax attorneys understand the underlying tax laws and codes and their application in the course of resolving IRS disputes. When going for such an IRS hearing, you may need to deal with an individual or firm with the right exposure to ensure that you make the best decision. Tax lawyers have the experience necessary to guide you on what to present during the hearing process.

Once you identify a reliable tax lawyer, you’ll also get the benefit of understanding the various changes in the tax regimes. You’ll also get a grasp of how such change will likely affect your business in the present and the future. IRS tax lawyers can also help ensure that you get tax reliefs due to proper tax filing and returning practices.

So Do You Need a Tax Attorney?

Well, if you’re considering the services of a tax attorney, it means that you’re in the soup for one reason or the other.

Hiring a tax attorney at this juncture is not a matter of speculation. You may need to settle for a knowledgeable tax lawyer as soon as possible to help you navigate the murky waters of IRS representation.

A Tax Attorney Can Help You Resolve Your IRS Issue or Make It a Million Times Worse

If you have been wondering what is a tax attorney, then it’s time you recognized that they’re your to-go-to professionals when the IRS comes knocking. If you have the right legal minds for the job, such IRS tax disputes ought not to worry you.

However, any inappropriate advice from a greenhorn can land you in hot water. Do your background research thoroughly and ensure that you settle for an IRS tax attorney who will resolve your problem as opposed to getting you into more trouble.

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