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Ramit Sethi – Feedback


I have recently been introduced to Ramit Sethi’s work through a client and need to give him some feedback on whether taking a course by Ramit would be a worthy investment. I had never heard of him before, but I’m sure the BAD community has…

After a precursory Google search, I discovered that he has written a book, has been several years and is very well marketed. But that doesn’t tell me if his material is good. Would you recommend someone looking to grow and manage their wealth better to follow and learn from him?

As I review his offerings, it looks like Ramit also sells courses on growing your online business. I have to say, I see so many ads for online courses and “experts” to follow. I don’t know how anyone decides who is legitimate. Even for someone like me who works in this space, who knows what to look for, the many offers can be tempting…

Even Ramit’s I Will Teach You to be Rich…that’s enticing. Who wouldn’t be tempted by that slogan?!? (By the way, do you think his book is worth the read?)

I’m not one for purchasing online courses or paying for coaches, both of which seem to be the thing to do these days. Personally, I prefer to dig in and find free resources to learn new things.

Have any BAD community members invested in themselves with online courses or a coach for business or personal? Do you think coaching is the new therapy?


  • Reply Joe |

    Some simple googling turns up this link.


    From the link, I can surmise that there is likely not much new in the book than can be found online. Also, some of advice sounds distinctively unhelpful at the stage you are in. (E.g still in debt, trying to build on relatively recently acquired stability).
    If you want to get a similar flavor of topics and also a lot of great fundamental information on the next “stage”, e.g. basics of investing and growing a positive net worth, I would recommend MyMoneyBlog (that’s the name of the blog). But I will caution that you will see a lot of uncomfortable advice posted there! (For instance, his advice on cars is pretty much the opposite of what all of the last several BAD bloggers have done).

  • Reply angie |

    Why are you giving feedback to clients on courses to manage their wealth? I know you work on business strategy but this would be beyond that. I would politely say that you don’t have experience with ramit’s courses and cannot recommend one way or another.

    • Reply Hope |

      I do ALOT of research on all sorts of things for clients. This is just one of those times. I did tell him I had never heard of him and he asked me to do the the research…thought I would get the BAD community’s opinions.

  • Reply Laura |

    If you’ve never heard of him before why not say you don’t know enough to offer an opinion? If you are thinking of taking one of these classes yourself, I would say don’t waste the money.

    • Reply Hope |

      I did, but was then asked to do the research…it’s what I do. And the I knew the perfect place to ask. 🙂

  • Reply Margann34 |

    I say read the book. That should present the basic principles. Any courses are likely just an extended version of the book. I suspect that most of these courses just charge money to present information you can find for free somewhere else. Admittedly, I have never take any course of this type. I think they are over priced. See if you can find the book at the library or find the cheapest copy and buy it.

  • Reply Rachel |

    I own copies of both his first book and the 10 year re-release. He has a looser mindset on money than say Dave Ramsey, but one that is very useful for many people. In terms of his courses, he has a strict policy of not allowing/wanting anyone with credit card debt to pay for his courses: https://mobile.twitter.com/ramit/status/921217360949923840?lang=en

    While I haven’t paid for any courses, my sister has and found it to be of great value. But they are a pretty high price point and in general geared toward someone who has their money together and is looking to for something to take them to the next step beyond what they can do themselves.

So, what do you think ?