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Making Ends Meet: 3 Critical Tips for Finding a Second Job


Do you have a full-time job but are still struggling to make ends meet? Then you are not alone, roughly 37 percent of Americans are getting second jobs to help pay their bills and have some extra cash on hand.

Keep reading to learn some helpful tips and ideas on how to find a second job!

1. Find the Right Fit

When looking for a second job to increase your income it is important to find something that fits into your free hours and doesn’t conflict with your regular job. Not only do you not want the stress and worry about how to balance both, but you also don’t want your new second job to get you fired from your day job.

You also want to make sure that the second job doesn’t go against your current companies guidelines. Most companies will not allow you to work for someone that they view as a competitor, so you may want to consult your employee handbook or meet with your human resource manager before pursuing another role.

2. Determine Your Flexibility

One of the hardest parts about finding a second job is getting a new role to fit into your current personal schedule. You will have to be willing to adjust your schedule outside of your regular day job and be willing to work the second job during your free time.

When accepting another position, be upfront with your potential employer that you already have a regular job. This honesty might give them the willingness to work with you on your schedule and keep you from feeling burnt out trying to make both jobs work.

You may have to eliminate some activities from your current schedule, such as cutting out your Sunday morning brunch with friends or switch your workouts from evenings to mornings. If you are flexible with your time then you will be able to successfully hold a second job.

3. Try Something New

Getting a second job is not only great for your bank account but it can also be an opportunity for you to try something new.

If your regular job has you stuck inside at a desk all day, your second job could be something outdoors or working face to face with people. This variety will help you keep things interesting and help you from getting bored and dreading each shift.

Some jobs might require you to learn a new skill and you may need a certificate or additional schooling. The great thing about acquiring additional skillsets is you can also use this for future career changes you might have in mind and help build your resume.

A little change in scenery or responsibilities will make having a second job easier and might even make things enjoyable while you are meeting your financial goals.

Learn More About How to Find a Second Job Today!

These are some critical tips to keep in mind when you are searching for a second job to help pay the bills. Hopefully, with some hard work and dedication, you will be on the road to financial freedom and might enjoy yourself along the way!

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