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Best Marketing Strategies For Personal Injury Law Firms


Irrespective of the size, structure, and nature of a business, marketing is an essential criterion for every firm that wishes to be productive in the industry. A personal injury law firm is no different. Providing legal services to people who are injured physically or mentally due to the negligence of the third party, a personal injury law firm houses lawyers who can best serve the purpose. Whether you need to find personal injury attorney Los Angeles or Seattle, the marketing campaigns of these firms is what makes them popular among the clients.  

“19 out of 25 expensive keywords on Google were directed to personal injury law firms.” – Search Engine Watch. 

Law is an extremely competitive industry. You can find ad campaigns regarding law firms on TV, radio, social media, and everywhere you turn your head to. Hence, it becomes essential for personal injury law firms to expedite their marketing campaigns in order to get attention from the clients. 

Below are some of the best marketing strategies that personal injury law firms should include in their campaign.  

Use “Cost Per Case” Over ROI

Cost per case is the best means to set expectations and achievable goals for the firm. Set cost per case rather than calculating the ROI. A firm can set its cost per case by determining the average case settlement value from the past 2-3 years, multiply it by 10%, 20%, and 30% to get three different CPC numbers.  

Keep Tracking

Once the cost per case is determined, it’s time to start tracking the progress. Website submissions and online chats can be taken into consideration as a primary criterion. For better results, conversions can be tracked through Google Analytics. A majority of law firms use phone calls to reach their clients, hence, tracking phone call leads are also valuable.  

Brand Protection

It is important to run a PPC campaign in order to bid on the brand name on Google. On average, the cost per click on a brand name ranges from $.50 to $3. There are several benefits of advertising your brand on the search engine. Brand biding the best means to place the brand name at the forefront of the Google search that will drive organic traffic to the law firm’s website. 

Google Reviews

Clients primarily rely on Google reviews for selecting their ideal personal injury law firm. Hence, it becomes important for a law firm to get as many authentic Google reviews as possible. Google reviews are the most credible way to showcase clients the actual potential of the firm. Relying on the word of mouth marketing, clients take reviews into consideration before making the decision.

Whether it is an e-commerce site or a departmental store, Marketing is the essence of every business. Personal injury law firms are widely popular these days. Ascertaining the relevance of hiring a personal injury lawyer, more and more clients are reaching out to these firms. Hence it becomes essential for these law firms to revive their marketing strategies in order to stay in the lead.

The above mentioned were some of the important and improvised marketing strategies, personal injury law firms can use in order to better reach out to their clients. 


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