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Looking For A New Blogger


For those who have been following the blog, you now know that Ashley has decided to stop writing for the time being. This means it’s time to pass Blogging Away Debt to yet another new blogger or bloggers. I have been reading the comments and looked over our audience survey last year and we’re open to having more than one blogger if we feel that it makes sense and we can limit any confusion that this may create.

For those who are interested, please take the time to consider whether you’ll truly have the time to devote to this project. Writing a post or so a week takes a lot of time and effort, especially as time goes on. It’s also important to realize that you will have to have a very thick skin as the readers here, while supportive for the most part, will certainly not let you get away with much if they feel that you’re not sharing or committing to paying off your debt. It’s a lot more difficult to blog than it appears from the outside, and we really do want to pick a blogger(s) who can commit to following the debt elimination all the way through to the end – its harder to do than you might think.

On the upside, this is an excellent opportunity to share your story with an audience who can help you. It is also important because your story may be able to help people who are have having trouble with their own financial situation.

Here are the basics which you need to be willing to do in order to be the blogger here:

1. There is no need to have blogging experience (we always want to encourage anyone to share their debt story), but it’s essential that you’re a competent writer and can post at least once a week.

2. There may be times when media wants to interview you. You need to be willing to do this.

3. The blog gets a lot of comments. It is essential that you are willing to read these and answer the questions posed by the readers.

4. You need to have a thick skin. Putting your finances out there will mean that you get comments that aren’t always supportive of the steps you’re taking. If you can’t handle having people delve into the details of your debt and hold you accountable for your actions, you won’t enjoy blogging here.

5. We aren’t looking for someone that has all the answers, but who has made the commitment to getting rid of the debt that they have.

6. Unlike the past there will be some modest direct compensation, and there will be an opportunity to earn some “bonus” money each month. This is not an opportunity that you would want to do merely for the money because it probably won’t be. It’s something that you would do because it would help you remain accountable to your goals and give you motivation and help (from the readers) on how to ultimately blog away your debt.

If you think that you have what it takes to write for this blog, please feel free to email James or Tamila at james@districtmediafinance.com or tamila@districtmediafinance. We’ll get back to you with more specific information, and ask for a writing sample. Feel free to post any questions you have in the comments below or email.

James Hendrickson

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