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How’s Your One Debt Challenge Going?


Remember our June challenge…one debt, paid off this month…how’s it going?

  • Have you found small ways to save money to put toward your debt?
  • Have you made any extra payments toward your debt?
  • How are you feeling about this challenge? Are you still in or has life happened and knocked you for a loop?

My goal is to finish off paying off my credit card. While the high balance has been $5,000, at the beginning of this month, I had it down to $2,000. And I switched to cash only spending to prevent me from adding to the balance at all.

This week I will make a $600 payment toward the balance. Woot, woot! With 2/3 of the month still to go, I’m still fighting to earn the additional $1,400 I will need to get it to a $0 balance.

I want to hear how your June challenge is going. How can I support you?


  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Good job! I was wondering how the pay down was going. Even finding $400 for the rest of this month would set you up for being able to complete paying this off by the end of summer.

  • Reply Sue |

    You are doing FANTASTIC – to support ME just keep doing what YOU are doing because it is inspirational to have someone in the semi-same situation (different family life situations but debt seems to bring us all together) who is paying off debt while still dealing with the “fun” stuff life dishes out.

    June WAS going well – paid $600 to Chase and have it ALMOST under $5,000 now but dh came home and has to to in to the dentist Monday for $800 worth of dental work….heavy sigh. Was REALLY hoping to be able to send that to the credit card but I’ll just have to work on trying to send more next month. REALLY want to have this (it is about $5300) paid off before the end of the year. We have 2 more cards that will be about $4000 each after this one and they are going down so that we can be COMPLETELY debt-free (except mortgage) by July of next year.

  • Reply Ellen |

    I have a side hustle that has done really well for me so far this month. As of today, I have paid $975 towards the balance of my credit card (it’s only the 14th!). I still have a long way to go as this card has a massive balance. But, in the last year I have paid off 4 credit cards, a balance with my doctor, and my car so I can’t complain on my progress.

So, what do you think ?