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June Challenge – One Debt


I decided to announce the June Challenge a little bit early to give you some prep time.

Choose ONE debt and pay it off!

That’s it. Now I know you are saying, but all my debt balances are too high, I’ve already paid off my little ones. I get that.

But my challenge to you is to think outside the box on ways you can just go at it. Kind of like the cats in this video (doesn’t everyone like cat videos)…just attack!

For me, it will be my credit card debt. Seriously, sell stuff, don’t by extra groceries, stay home and put your gas money toward your debt, ask your neighbors if they have odd jobs they need help with…whatever it takes, go full force for this one month and let’s see what happens.

If you are in, share your debt below…and maybe some out of the box ideas you have for throwing some additional money at it this month. And then every week we can hold each other accountable as to what we have done that’s extra and how we are doing in just killing this ONE debt…

Are you with me? Share your debt below and let’s go. June starts Saturday, so you’ve got this week to think on it and prepare.


  • Reply Valencia Canales |

    I want to pay off this one loan that recently came off my collections on my credit report….it is only 402. So hoping I can take care of it once and for all and it has to be paid all together no payment plans for this one.

    • Reply Hope |

      Awesome! We are dealing with payment plans for Sea Cadet now. I’m grateful for them in these circumstances but certainly drag it out.

    • Reply Hope |

      I think the balance is right around $2300 right now. I will have that in my debt update next week. (It’s been on ice for just at a month now since I switch to cash only during the week.)

  • Reply Kari Echols |

    I’m with you for June. I’m going to try to make an extra $1,000. I have one small medical debt of around $250 that I want to pay off.
    Interested in the amount you are hoping to pay off on your credit card this month!

    • Reply Hope |

      Great goal! So if your goal debt is just $250 what will you do with the extra $750 you are GOING to make?

So, what do you think ?