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6 Easy Ways to Start Saving Money for Your Summer Vacation


Has it been a long winter? Looking forward to when winter is over so you can head out on summer vacation is half the fun.

But you need to get the funds for your trip straightened out. Of all Americans that didn’t go on vacation, 44% of them said that it was because of day to day bills.

So how can you start saving money for your trip?

Follow the six tips below to add some cushion to your savings account.

1. Set Up Automatic Transfers

It isn’t hard to forget to set aside money every so often for your trip. It’s also easy to spend money that is sitting in your checking account.

Most banks offer automatic transfers of your money. When you set these up, you can be sure that the money you want to set aside makes it to your savings account and out of your reach.

2. Scale Back Leisure Activities

Do you really need to go out to expensive restaurants every week?

Sure, it’s nice to go out and have fun. But that can cost you opportunities to do other things that are fun and unique.

See which activities you can cut that is costing you money. You can make it up when you are on vacation.

3. Pick Up a Side Job

The internet has made side work more accessible to everyone. If you have some free time, then try to find extra work on the internet that you can do.

A few extra bucks every week can add up over the long term.

4. Separate Your Savings Account

Do you have one saving account for everything?

If it’s at the same bank as your checking account, you’re going to see how much money you have whenever you log in.

Get a separate account for your vacation and automatically put money in it. Out of sight, out of mind.

5. Yard Sale

People have a hard time letting go of their stuff. Because of this, we end up with a mess of a house with too many products that aren’t being used.

Take some time to go through your house to find the things you don’t use anymore. Once you finish, set up a yard sale so you can get extra cash for the things you don’t need anymore.

6. Repair Instead of Buying New

Accidents happen, and things break. Most people throw out their items instead of repairing them.

But when you replace more expensive items, it can get costly. Before throwing out your stuff, check with a repair shop to see if they can repair it.

It can save you a lot of money in the long run. Learn more about it at CPS for more information about screen repair.

Start Saving Money Early for Your Dream Vacation

Things get complicated when you wait for the last minute to do things. Don’t put off saving money until it’s too late. Simple changes add up and can add a substantial about of money to your vacation fund.

There are plenty of ways for you to budget and save extra money. Our budgeting posts can give you more tips. Head over there now to learn more!

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