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Maybe a Little Too Frugal – DIY Shorts


Due to my weight loss over this past year..and continued weight loss goal, I have to purchase some new summer clothes. I mentioned this is my last budget update. My shorts from last summer are literally falling off…so this is definitely a need and not a want at this point. Especially with the weather hitting the upper 80s this week.

So I thought I would be smart and frugal and make my own shorts…

Thrift store jeans for $3.50

Princess and I visited a local thrift store where I picked up two pairs of jeans for $3.50 each. I tried them on there to make sure they fit properly.

Then I used fabric scissors to cut them off at home….

Cut off jean shorts for the summer.

I thought it was the perfect plan…until I wore this pair for the first time. Within a few minutes, the already distressed fabric ripped all the way up my leg. So this pair was a utter and complete failure.

I’ve got one more pair to try, and it is more of a traditional blue jean fabric and not distressed, so I’m hoping it holds up better. I really do want some casual, cheap shorts to wear this summer!


  • Reply Jessica Prokop |

    Not to sound ignorant but by the time you spend $7 on jeans trying to DIY, just buy some shorts. Garage sales, Ebay, etc etc

  • Reply Akasha |

    Look up the denim chenille quilt on a website called glory quilts. I got a bunch of oversized jeans at a garage sale and I’m going to make one.

  • Reply Malady |

    Did they not have shorts at the thrift store?

    Just from experience – jeans are cut differently to jeans shorts. You’re better off finding a good second hand pair than taking to perfectly good jeans with scissors and getting a weird fitting result.

  • Reply Canan Onat |

    10 days and no new post. Hellooo? Owners of the website! I wish you find new bloggers. I miss the days when Beks and Tricia were blogging.

  • Reply Cindy |

    I agree Canan! I miss Claire, too. I hope she is doing well. Maybe an update from Adam/Emily?

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