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Side Hustle in Full Effect


As previously mentioned, after a year of waiting, I was hired as a substitute teacher. (I applied last Spring when Gymnast and Princess started at the public schools.) At the time, I didn’t know many details.

The Financial Details

Well, I have officially started! It pays $75 per day for one off substituting. And I’ve already booked 4 days.

I’ll get paid at the end of every month. As expected, I can take or leave assignments as they fit in my schedule. It’s perfect for where I’m at with my business.

Last week, I taught chorus and theater at the high school. This week, I’m teaching 6th grade at the middle school and then cosmetology at the high school. This means I’ll net an $300 extra at the end of April. (Possibly more if I pick up more days over the next few weeks.) Score!

My first day of substitute teaching selfie – do I look like a teacher?

What’s really nice is that I can use the “planning” period and lunch to check in on my own work, and the schools get out at 2:45pm so I’ve got several hours of work time at the end of every day without staying up too late. (Not to mention, many of my clients are on the west coast so the timing is perfect to get in touch with them.)

Another great advantage is that it will help with my taxes as I requested additional taxes be taken out so I’m not behind next year. Woot, woot!

Looking Forward

I do think I will stick with the middle school and high school, as I don’t think I have the personality or energy level for younger kids. But I’m super stoked about this additional stream of income for the next couple of months. (And I’ll be automatically eligible to substitute next school year as well.)

Since we are living reasonably well off my business income, this “extra” will be budgeted for debt and savings only. And I do know I owe you a new budget and plan. I will get some time on those next week. This week…I’m booked solid with work! (This is such a wonderful feeling!)



  • Reply Anonymous |

    It should be in effect. I certainly hope you wont be teaching English classes. The education requirement in your area must be lenient for teachers

    • Reply Hope |

      Me too, my Masters Degree is in Science, not English. I definitely own my grammar issues. But thanks for pointing it out. Something to laugh about.

      • Reply Anonymous |

        Sorry but every post is full of misspellings and they all make me cringe knowing that you homeschooled

      • Reply Cwaltz |

        Irony thy name is Anonymous. You’d think if someone was going to criticize and say they cringe at the mistakes of others that they’d run their post through a filter to ensure they were submitting a perfect post. *shrugs*

  • Reply Misti O |

    Congratulations Hope! Don’t let the grammar nazi above steal your thunder; excitement and I am sure multi tasking led to your grammatical error. Thank goodness the internet has Anonymous people to cut everyone down; how did we live before? lol

    Seriously great plan to add to you debt busting.

    • Reply Hope |

      Thanks, Misti, I’m pretty excited about it! Steady but flexible, just what I need in a side gig!

  • Reply Gwendolyn Blakiston |

    Congrats on the new work opportunity. I think you will be a wonderful substitute teacher, you have the heart for it.

  • Reply SMS |

    Great news, Hope!
    Your answer to Anonymous was gracious and kind. Hope they didn’t upset you. There are always nasty people on the Internet. You just keep on keeping on!

  • Reply revdrmd |

    Congratulations on the substitute teaching gig. I think it will fit you well. You do look like a teacher in the photo.

    I gringe when I read or see bad grammar but have decided that most mistakes in an online platform are due to typing errors and not knowing the correct way to say or write something. It is also always easier for me to see someone else’s errors than it is mine.

    I think we would be well to not use the term “grammar nazi” on this platform. I understand that the intent of the comment was not to be offensive, but it is not the best way to communiicate the intent of the comment. Just my thoughts.

    Again, congratulations, Hope! Glad things are looking so much better for you.

  • Reply Sue |

    We all work within our own strengths – I work in a Kindergarten class and would walk through glass before doing middle/high school but NO grade is for the weak of heart 🙂 Good luck – I’m sure you’ll do fantastic!!!!

  • Reply debtor |

    Congrats. Don’t use the money for anything other than what you have outlined above. Seems like a win-win position.

    ps: could you fix the title? It’s really distracting.

  • Reply debthaven |

    That’s such great news Hope! I would encourage you to do an extra day or two per month, since those subbing days finish early and work out well for your work with your left-coast clients.

    But I agree, PLEASE change the title of your post. Affect is a verb, effect is a noun.

    It’s easy for people who are not linguistic to joke about “grammar Nazis”. But if an accountant were to be as fuzzy and inaccurate with YOUR money or YOUR taxes, would you find that just as funny? I’m guessing not.

  • Reply Lisa |

    Yay, Hope! You sure are stepping up with side hustles. To me, that shows you’re focused on the debt paydown and serious about working toward it. Glad to see you’ve earmarked it all for debt and savings. Also, I’m curious about hour housing situation; you could save half for moving expenses and pay down debt with the other half.

So, what do you think ?