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Hope’s Anticipated Spending – November


I decided to try something a little different this month. Rather than posting a weekly spending plan, I am going to try a monthly one.

Since we are continuing with our No Spend Month for a couple of weeks, and going to be at my parents for Thanksgiving, you will notice there is not a lot of extra. (Well, except for the Texas trip fund which I’m hoping will not be that much.)

November Spending Plan

Hope's Anticipated Spending - November

Auto - Gas($105)
Tax Payment (debt)($246)
Utilities - gas, water, sewer, trash, electricity, internet($300)
Car Payment (debt)($400)
Auto/Renter's Insurance($267)
Texas Trip($1,700)
Princess (Clothes)($150)
Sea Cadet (car insurance)$200


I don’t think there is much that needs explanation. I went ahead and budgeted for Princess some clothes in anticipation of winter weather setting in. My gas is lower than ever, but Thanksgiving week’s gas is covered by the Texas trip fund.

We don’t have any kids’ activities this month at all, so I will be home every night to cook. And the twins are pretty self sufficient at this point, covering their own gas, insurance, phones and day to day spending money.

Texas Fund Explained

I realize the $1,700 for the Texas trip seems high. Here is my reasoning:

  • Currently, I have reserved a rental SUV for the week (10 days) because my car which is the best of the bunch is in need of some work and I fear taking it on such a long, extended trip. Not to mention, it will be a bit tight in my car and it’s a 15 1/2 hour drive (drive time only) each way.
  • Because of the bigger rental car, our gas expense will be a bit more than in my car.
  • I anticipate stopping at least one night on the way there and one night on the way back. And while we do squish into one hotel room, it will cost us two nights in hotels (minimum) and extra food.) Because the twins can’t drive the rental car, I will have to drive the whole way so I may need additional breaks, but we will see.
  • Finally, while my dad typically covers our costs when we are in town, I don’t want to count on that if I don’t have to so I built in a little cushion for some fun.

Each of the kids is covering their own spending money and have been aware of the trip for months, so that is not included in my budget.

I still hope that we will not spend all of this budgeted money but I feel comfortable with having it available for the trip.

Will you do any traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday? Do you have family traditions surrounding this food filled holiday you would like to share?


  • Reply Cwaltz |

    Shouldn’t you balance forward what you have already saved for the trip? For example, if you have already saved $1000 then you really only need $2668 because $1000 is already in your savings for the trip and your total needed for this month is $700 not $1700.

    • Reply Hope |

      True, I actually have almost all the money for the trip now saved. This was more of what I anticipate spending this month.

  • Reply JP |

    I’m not really sure what use these are. Sometimes they are monthly, and sometimes weekly – just anticipated spending. They really aren’t a budget because they don’t include everything, and there is no way to tell whether or not this is good because there is no estimate for your monthly income. Its generally just some estimates of some costs you are planning on certain things. There isn’t anything for food, although at one point you said the food stamps might be ending. Nothing for student loan or cell phone etc. Even in hindsight a recap would help – here is how much I took in October and here is how much I spent.

    • Reply Hope |

      My student loan is in deferment until next spring so no payment needed.
      We still have plenty of food stamps left to last us through this month so no food money needed.
      My cell phone bill is paid out of my business account so no longer included in my personal budget.
      This is essentially my budget for November.

      • Reply Kay |

        Are you still receiving SNAP benefits? I feel like you earn too much along with the twins income.

        I hope you enjoy yourself, I love thanksgiving week!!

    • Reply Anon |

      It would be helpful to see a debt update. I see a $267 tax debt payment and a $400 car payment, but I have no idea what else is out there,

  • Reply Laura |

    Are you sure you won’t need to buy any food at all? What about the cell phone bill and school lunches? Have you analyzed previous months spending to see if $50 for sundries is enough?

    • Reply Hope |

      I actually went yesterday to purchase those and spend $52 so I was pretty close and am confident I have enough to last the month of October.

  • Reply Den |

    I’m glad you are doing monthly budgets instead of weekly budgets – much better for planning in my view!

    Have a great trip!

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    It would be good to see an October recap. I know your funds are not going towards debt pay down but it still would be good to see what you received vs. what you spent and what you were able to save. Might I also suggest you create a $50 monthly line item for clothing. This way when people need new clothing you will already have the money on hand.

  • Reply Katie |

    Just a tip. I’ve found that Hotwire typically has the best prices for rental cars. Or, Enterprise at their non-airport locations. Have a good trip!

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