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Hope’s Anticipate Spending – Week of 10/5


I’m afraid these posts are going to get a bit boring during this month of no extra spending. But to keep me accountable, I’m going to keep publishing them.  This upcoming week will be our first with no after school practices, no games and only one day of gymnastics. It’s going to be our new normal for a while.

I’m excited.

Anticipated Spending

Income *after taxes$1,464


I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to the downtime. And I’ve decided not to plan anything for this first week during our after school hours and just follow the kids lead. They may need the time to decompress after such a busy couple of months. But rest assured, at the first sign of boredom, this mama has got a list of fun stuff we can do at home for free!

Is it bad that I’m excited to just have some chill time? Looking forward to lazing around, just a little bit!

Family Celebration

In regards to the family celebration, I appreciate everyone’s suggestions on my post last week. We are going to celebrate on either Monday or Tuesday this coming week (waiting on Sea Cadet’s work schedule to decide.) It’s fall break for the public schools so Princess is home those two days.

I’m working on a personalized gift for each of them. This will be the something they get to keep. Our family experience (fostering and adopting) affected each of them in a different way. They each had a unique perspective and different things they had to overcome as we blended our family. I want to highlight and celebrate that for each of them.

Are you coming to a break in your schedule like we are, in between sports seasons? Or are you still full steam ahead? Do you have a unique family celebration you do? What does that look like?


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    Some traditions get pricey. DH has always insisted we go out to dinner for every/any family member’s new job, first job, first “real” job, promotion, raise, etc. Recently our son got a promotion after less than two months in his first full time job. We’ll be combining a dinner as it looks like I’ll be changing jobs, too.

So, what do you think ?