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10 Ways To Earn Money From Home Via World Wide Web


The disruptive nature of Internet technology today has changed the way we live, work, socialize and entertain ourselves.  Apart from making the globe a smaller and more connected place, the internet has propelled the lives of individuals, and that’s primarily by helping people make money. The Internet has now become an entrepreneurial platform; modern businesses have less brick and mortar presence and more online footprint. Income generated through the Internet might be full-time work or part-time depending on the time you can devote. The Internet provides good money-making opportunities to students or those who want to work from home. Given below are some effective ways of making a quick buck off the internet.


It is a very exhaustive endeavor for making money online. Building a blog with a good amount of readership is difficult, but can also be very rewarding, once the blog is successful. It is important that you have expertise in the subject, or have exceptional research capabilities. If you have a good number of followers, platforms like AdSense pay you for advertising on your blog. You can also do paid product and service reviews.


If you are an expert in a specific domain, you can obtain freelancing work in that field. Qualified service providers are highly sought after for outsourcing purposes like coders, graphic designers, and even writers. Sites like Elance.com and Rentacoder provide platforms to use your talents in particular fields.

E-tuition and Webinars

If you like to help others learn and grow, e-teaching could be your ticket to making money online. Tutors are in high demand and online education through videos and course materials is becoming the new trend. All you need is good knowledge about the subjects you teach, and you can enroll with sites like Tutor.com, TutorVista, and Udemy. Udemy, for instance, allows you to develop entire courses. You could also host webinars to help people directly for a lot of topics. Students are willing to pay for explanatory webinars.

Paid online Surveys

You can get paid for survey form filling; it’s true. This method is easily among the easiest ways of making money online. All you have to do is register on a genuine survey site and thoroughly fill your profile. Then, you wait for paid surveys to be sent your way. It takes just a few minutes a day to complete a survey.

People from any discipline can undertake surveys and make money from home. Even the niche fields like medicine provide an opportunity for professionals in their field to undertake, for instance, medical surveys, where the competition is less, and hence your potential for earning increases. For undertaking such niche surveys, you require experience in your domain.

Online Commerce

If you have a knack for buying and selling products you could do that through sites like eBay. It has been around since the start of the internet boom. eBay allows you to auction things, as an eBay Power Seller.

A fulfilled-by-Amazon (FBA) is also a good business idea. If you have products which can be listed on Amazon and are in demand, Amazon will pick, pack and ship your products. It is a great idea as products sell easily on Amazon, as it is the world’s largest online retailer

Selling Art

Sites like Etsy allow you to sell your hand-made products online. If you’re excellent at making artsy, hand-crafted things; you can sell them online. From gifts to clothes to edibles, you can sell anything you want. Etsy is a great way to sell your products. Like most e-commerce platforms, it charges a small fee to list your products. You can directly connect with the end consumers and it is also easier than setting up a transactional website.

Virtual Assistant

Many small businesses need help in their day-to-day processes but are unwilling to hire someone full-time. As a virtual assistant (VA), you might be given administrative tasks which a full-time secretary or assistant may be required to perform. This includes tasks such as travel reservations, handle expenses reimbursements or bill payments. You can interact with people either online or through phone calls.

Building Applications

Building mobile applications is not an easy task. There are thousands of people who have good knowledge of software and are struggling to build applications. It requires excellent knowledge of coding, wire-framing and developing. There are as many as 3 million apps for the iPhone and over a million apps in Google’s Play store. Developing and selling your own Smartphone app is quickly becoming a high-paying way of making money via the Internet. Apps do not cost much to develop and entail zero storage or shipping costs. So, they enjoy the best profit margins.

Listing your living space on Airbnb

It is a service which allows you to list your home – a part of it or the whole house – for tourists to stay at, as an alternative to hotels. Research other listings in your city on Airbnb and see what the going rate is for a place like yours. The model might take some time kicking off, but if you can prepare an irresistible listing and rake in positive reviews, you could start making good money.

YouTube Channel

YouTube is the most popular way of sharing visual content. YouTube content monetization works similar to a blog. You can make a YouTube channel and upload good content on it. As you build your huge number of subscribers, advertisers pay you for space on your channel. It is a very rewarding albeit difficult method of earning money via the Internet.

Concluding Remarks

The internet has opened doors to new opportunities and there are more means of generating money online than ever before. The 10 methods we’ve presented here are guaranteed to help you earn more, without having to invest much money, or having to be out in the market. Stay at home, and let the World Wide Web be your platform to reach out to the world.

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