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Hope’s Actual Income and Spending – Week of 9/7


I apologize for the delay in posting this. I had an unfortunate encounter with a bee or wasp or something stinging yesterday morning that left my eye swollen and runny for the day. Computer time was limited as a result. Thankfully, I am back full force this morning.

These are my actual income and spending numbers for this past week:

Actual Spending - Week of 9/7

Income *after taxes$620$620
Sea Cadet - Car Insurance$100$150
Car/Renters Insurance($134)($185)
Volleyball - entrance fees($10)($14)
Student Loans($100)
Home Depot($19)
Credit Card Rewards$111

It’s been a really busy week. Work is picking up and is steady…yeah! Today I’m taking a few hours off to eat breakfast with my mom (in town from Texas) for her birthday and then drive my sister to Charlotte to spend the rest of the week with her friends (her, not me, I’m just dropping her off.)

Notes on this Past Week’s Spending

I was off on almost every one of my anticipated numbers for this week. But I’m pretty happy with the end result.

  1. Sea Cadet decided to get a week ahead on his car insurance payments AND set his payment date with the days he gets paid from his job. As a result, I went ahead and paid more than we needed to towards our auto/renters insurance so we are a little bit ahead on that bill now.
  2. The volleyball game Gymnast and I attended raised their spectator price from $5 to $7 each. Thankfully, I had the cash. Other families didn’t and I had to help cover them (they paid me back.)
  3. I already wrote about Princess homecoming dress shopping. And Gymnast and I visited Walmart to get his requested items. (Homecoming was actually postponed due to the storm predictions this past weekend, but they are set.)
  4. Yes, I did, I paid towards my student loans. More on that in another post. And I know it’s not much, but it’s a extra debt payment and I’m proud of it. Baby steps, baby steps!
  5. We did splurge a little and bought some paint to paint our living room. We’ve been here nearly a year and a half and who knows the last time the walls were painted. Sea Cadet patched them when we moved in but they had just remained an ugly construction puke yellow with all these spackle spots. Sea Cadet and Princess painted the whole room this past weekend. We LOVE it!

    painting the living room

    Sea Cadet and Princess spent their whole Saturday painting.

  6. Bonus money! My single credit card is a cash back rewards card. It’s not much but it’s something and I finally converted all my accrued points to cash AND put them into my savings account. I have now set it up to automatically convert the points to cash every time I earn $20 and put it into the savings account. Since converting this past week, I’ve already earned another $10 in points. So I could easily get $20 or so dollars back each month which may not offset the $63 (average) interest I’m paying right now monthly, but it does help.

Update on History Buff

As a side note, it looks like History Buff will be moving in with us this coming weekend. He is praying his car makes it down from Virginia. The plan is that he gets a full time job and in January will return to school as a dual enrolled high school student to complete his senior year. Then he will continue with his education…not sure in what yet. He is considering both trade school and four year school. (Before he dropped out and moved out just after his 18th birthday, he had planned to attend ODU and pursue a degree in History with hopes of becoming a teacher.)

It’s going to make our living situation a bit tight as Sea Cadet is already living in the living room, but we will make it work. And I am VERY HAPPY that my son is coming home. I know he has learned some hard lessons these last couple of years. But some of us (myself especially) sometimes have to learn lessons the hard way. Ya’ll know that about me, don’t you?

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    You paid more on the student loan than the interest you accrue, if you keep it up you are well on your way to paying it down and off. Good job!

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