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Affiliate Marketing Income


In addition to my personal shopping side business, I have been focusing on growing my affiliate income. When set up properly, affiliate marketing can be passive income.

And while it’s not steady or significant at this point, I have made an extra $100 this past month with it.

I’ve always tried to include Amazon links where relevant in blogs I’ve written. But I have never made any money that way. Recommending service based affiliates has been more lucrative.

In fact, earlier this year or last an online marketer I respect and have followed for years, not only made a large amount during a affiliate marketing campaign, but ended up with a “dream” job out of it. How cool is that?!

affiliate marketing

I have been very transparent with my referrals, letting the person know that if they follow my recommendation I will get a referral fee. And I only recommend services that I personally use and pay for myself…I think when done ethically and transparently this could be a great side hustle.

Have you ever done any affiliate marketing or even participated in referral programs where you benefited either monetarily or maybe even with reduced or free services for yourself?

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