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Waste Not, Want Not


Ever heard the old adage “Waste not, want not”? Basically it’s about making use out of everything you’ve got – even the tiny scraps or leftovers that might otherwise go to waste.

Well, that’s what came to mind when I saw the (ingenious) idea from another blogger (shout out!) to use old leftover hot dog buns for french toast sticks! Sounds weird, right? But the number of hot dogs in a package doesn’t align with the number of buns in a package so there’s always some weird leftover buns that typically sit around until they get stale and are thrown out in the trash. But no more, friends! Check this out:

First, I made a little egg mixture with some cracked eggs and a splash of milk. See here:

I split my hot dog buns in half long-ways (basically just tearing them down the middle) and dipped each half into the egg mixture. Next, I grilled them up on an electric griddle (a skillet would work, too), and dusted with some cinnamon.

Finally, I threw them on a plate (cut into bite-sized pieces for the kiddos), topped with a little powdered sugar, and had a small amount of syrup on the side for dipping.

Add some fruit and scrambled eggs and you’re looking at a complete breakfast! Made with food from my pantry I was probably going to throw away otherwise!

The kids loved it and I loved not wasting food and getting more bang for my buck since every last hot dog bun ended up being consumed instead of tossed!


Do you have any fun food hacks or ways you stretch a buck with old/leftover food?


  • Reply Misti O |

    Great idea. I had a friend whose parents used to make peanut butter and banana sandwiches using left over hot dog buns.

  • Reply Laura |

    I hate seeing food go to waste too. It’s such a waste of money and resources to throw away food. We’ve used leftover hot dogs buns to make garlic bread.

  • Reply Cwaltz |

    I am not afraid to use those buns for sandwiches There is absolutely nothing wrong with stuffing a hot dog buns with tun a ,egg salad , or even peanut butter and banana. In our lean years two to three days before Payday were like an episode of Chopped. English muffins with cheese and fresh tomato garnished with italian seasoning? pizza. Necessity is indeed the mother of invention.

  • Reply Megan |

    I’ve gotten in the habit of freezing extra hot dog and hamburger buns. Really, any extra bread that I doubt we’ll eat before it goes moldy/stale.

  • Reply Andrea |

    No one in my family eats the end crusts of cheap bread and I was just tossing them until I read a suggestion to freeze them and use them for breadcrumbs or bread pudding. Life changing!

  • Reply Sarah |

    What a great idea. Our son took a cooking class in high school and one thing I learned from him is that the best french bread is made from a few days old bread. Nothing fresh. We are always throwing away old buns…thanks for the tip!

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