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  • Reply drmaddog |

    What the heck is wrong with these people, man?? I know you must feel awful, getting jerked around like this. THe job market is supposed to be strong so maybe you’ll find something soon.

  • Reply Been There Down That |

    Oh, so sorry to hear this, but good riddance to that job. When they did that job step-down with you, that was the time to say adios. Don’t spend another minute thinking about those awful people. You are doing the right things in your job search. Keep it up.

  • Reply Carina |

    If you signed a contract, were there no details to protect you from being let go so abruptly? I just figured when one signs a contract it’s usually to guarantee some type of work for a length of time

  • Reply Emily N. |

    Aw, I’m sorry you’re having to go through this, Hope! That job sounded pretty bad, so I think you’ll be able to find a much better situation. I’m glad that at least you’ll be getting unemployment. Until I saw that I was afraid that the whole reason they had you switch away from being an employee was to get around having to pay it for you.

  • Reply Reece |

    Well I think thats the thing; by them changing her status to a consultant she won’t get unemployment. What they did is shady af and borderline illegal. You should consider consulting an attorney.

    • Reply Drmaddog |

      OMG, you could be right. IT could depend if she was a contract employee or an independent contractor, if they paid er payroll taxes and unemployment insurance or not, if she was properly classified. Varies by state. And even then, if they did this with the sole intent of firing her so she couldn’t get benefits…that still could work in her favor. Ugh all around.

  • Reply Lisa |

    Has it been seven weeks already? Seems they kept you right through the Jan/Feb changeover you wrote about previously as they planned since last summer. Good luck in job searching!

  • Reply Walnut |

    The bright side is that employer was crummy and now you can put it behind you. Best of luck searching for a new opportunity!

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