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Hubs Got A Job!!!


Another piece of good news on the work-front to deliver today.

Hubs has officially landed his first personal training job! Wooo!!!

Hubs went through a personal training course this past Fall and completed it in mid-October. He successfully completed the national exam in November and immediately started applying for jobs. He’d been interviewed in December for a position at a small gym starting in January but had some weird stuff happen. The owner/manager told hubs he got the job and to just reach out when we got back into town from our Christmas trip to Austin to do all the paperwork and finalize everything. When we got back and hubs reached out, the guy kind of gave hubs the run-around. Eventually it was clear that lead had fizzled and hubs started applying elsewhere.

I’m glad to say that after re-starting his job search, he was interviewed and offered a position at a gym in town and officially completed all of his paperwork and required gym training this week! He’s working with their scheduler on creating availability and – fingers crossed – if nothing weird comes up he should be able to start actually training clients next week!


I’m super pumped about this! First, it will be fantastic for hubs to have a little bit of income (obviously). Second, it gets rid of our monthly gym bill because hubs will get his membership for free. And third, I think it’s a nice psychological “boost” to get to have a “thing” again. Hubs has been focusing on school (and doing really well), but it’s a total mind-shift to go from working full-time running one’s own business to becoming a full-time student with no job and no income. We’re not expecting hubs to earn a crazy amount (it’s just a part-time job; school is still the #1 priority behind family, of course). But I think it will be good for him, and therefore, it will be good for our family.

I almost wrote up a similar post last December (when he’d been “hired” by the small gym that didn’t pan out), so I hope I’m not jinxing anything by posting today BUT I’m reassured by the fact that he’s done all the paperwork and completed the gym’s training program so I’m hopeful this will be a nice little side-hustle type of gig for him as he attends school the next couple of years.

Do you have any side-hustle gigs you do in addition to your main job? 


So, what do you think ?