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Free Museum Day


It’s museum day 2017!


We’re taking advantage by hitting the Tucson Children’s Museum for free! They also have a ton of exhibits set up outside with free books, snacks and treats, arts and crafts, science experiments and more!! Having a blast! Take advantage in your city, too!!



  • Reply Sandra |

    Ashley, your girls are precious! ‘Love their smiles!
    Another fun thing to do — have you checked out your nearby Home Depot lately? Some have a craft area for the children where they can build and paint birdhouses, planters, etc. from scratch with wood, hammers, nails, and paint. ‘Might be an idea for a Saturday morning with the girls.

    • Reply Ashley |

      Yes! We need to do this again! We’ve only gone once, about a year(-ish) ago, and it was tough! Still a little “advanced” for the kids at that time. I remember hubs and I basically doing all of the work! Ha! But it’s been at least a year, so I need to check it out again – great idea and so much fun for the kids to get to keep whatever they’ve built!

  • Reply Christa |

    It took me two passes over the pictures to realize your what that green thing is your daughter is holding in the picture- gave me a good laugh!!

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