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Handing Off Blogging Away Debt & Looking For A Writer


Hi Blogging Away Debt Community,

I’m James.   I wanted to take a few moments to let you all know about a few updates here at Blogging Away Debt.  A few weeks ago,  Jeffrey and Nate, who had been running Blogging Away Debt, decided to sell the site to me.  We closed the deal a couple of weeks ago and I wanted to take a few moment to let the BAD community that there will be some changes moving forward.  Specifically, I wanted to take an opportunity to ask for your help.  We are looking for another volunteer blogger for the site.  The specifics of what we are looking for are below:

If you think you may be interested in writing, we are looking for someone who will be able to write two or three posts each week. Researching and writing three blogs per week can take a good bit of time so you will want to make sure that you will be able to devote time to it. Here are a few other things we are looking for in a blogger:

  1. You don’t need blogging experience. We would love for your to share you personal finance tricks, hacks, debt stories! However, you will need to provide at least one sample of your writing for our review.
  2. Be willing to interview and be interviewed. Sometimes blogging includes chatting with people and both asking and answering questions. You’ll have to be ready to do so.
  3. You also need to be willing to interact with readers. If our readers are commenting on your post, we’d like for you to respond to them and create a dialogue.
  4. We aren’t looking for a personal finance expert but some background in personal finance, a great debt payoff story or even frugality tips is a plus. We want you to be interested in what you are writing about!
  5. This is a volunteer position. While there is no direct compensation made for each post, there are some opportunities for bonuses, especially if a post is performing extremely well (getting traction). We want someone who is looking to write because they want to help others, whether it be helping them learn to save or providing tips on how to make your own laundry detergent.

Those who are interested in writing for Blogging Away Debt should email me, James Hendrickson, at james@districtmediafinance.com.  I will get back to you with more information and set up a time to chat about a writing sample. If you have any questions feel free to leave it in the comments below or email me!





  • Reply Cory |

    I think I maybe used to read newlyweds on a budget and if it’s the site I am thinking about it went from personal and interesting to seo filled articles. Hope this doesn’t happen again. Seems strange that Ashley just ghosted. Did you give her the boot?

  • Reply Victoria |

    “I’ve just bought this site and I’d like people to work for me for free, and by the way I want you to put lots of effort in and here are all my rules, and did I mention you don’t get paid you just make money for me?”

    • Reply debtor |

      omg! i thought the same thing! Like here are all the rules you need to live by…oh and btw do it for the love. If it’s going to be that much a volunteer position then I don’t think you can say, you have to write at least 3 times a week, you need to be open to interviews (and possibly open up your personal life).

      eek what happened to Ashley? I really hope she is ok. Kinda like how Stephanie dipped out and we never got an update.

      You know what, I think i’m going to start blogging again. will keep you guys posted.

    • Reply Kerry |

      Asking for “volunteers” for a for-profit company is a violation of labor law. I’d also look at the IRS dividing line between contractor and employee too if this gig is going to have so many requirements. This sounds hinky.

    • Reply Nadia |

      What Victoria said! I’ve been reading this blog for about 8 months, and I figured that the contributors were doing it for a bit of side income. I thought there had to at least be some monthly income, split between the owner(s) and writers. Blogging DOES take a lot of time, and I’m surprised to hear that Hope and Ashley were doing it for free. Considering that these are people working themselves out of a financial hole, asking for “volunteers” is a slap in the face. It shows you don’t have a very good grasp of who your audience is, and what kept them coming back to this blog in the first place.

      • Reply amy |

        contributers dont make $$, that is why I quit blogging here after just a few posts. I realized it was a time sink for no reward

        • Reply Lucy |

          Any chance you have started your own blog, Amy? I enjoy following more personal blogs and would love another one to add to my reading list.

    • Reply amy |

      its always been like that…which is why I quit blogging here. My hubby talked sense into me! We decided my time was better spent working for $$ than for someone else to have $$

  • Reply SM1959 |

    Will Ashley and Hope continue? Or are you starting completely new with a new blogger?

  • Reply Shauna |

    I second the questions/ opinions of the previous 2 posters Victoria and SM1959.

    First I think many people here feel vested in Ashley and Hope’s stories. I know I’m always rooting for them to win and it’s definitely going to be hard to replace them with someone looking to start writing on someone else’s blog for free.

    So far the posts since the sale haven’t really been of interest to me, I was mostly just checking back to see how Hope and Ashley were doing. Hopefully we can continue to get some updates from them or you may lose your readership completely.

  • Reply Constance Farris |

    I’ve been reading BAD since it’s inception and I can only think of a couple of times there was actual closure on any of the bloggers. Mostly they just stop posting and that’s it. But like so many others I’d love to hear from Ashley and Hope one last time. Marie’s story is interesting but where’s the plan? Dave Ramsey in a few months? How about a budget now?

    I agree that new owner wants an awfully big commitment for free. I suppose he’s monetizing. Well that’s been tried here before too and it didn’t work so well.

    I’ll continue to check back but it’s rather disappointing that not one comment has been addressed by new owner but he requires that his blogger engage in discussions. A little double standard anyone?

  • Reply Laura |

    Are Ashley and hope still writing here? I would like to continue to hear of their journeys if they are willing.

    • Reply Admin |

      Hi Guys,

      James here – I wanted to quickly pipe up and thank you all for taking the time to write! I really appreciate the feedback. In terms of the writing, its obvious that what makes Blogging Away Debt great is the writers. I’ve been on contact with both Ashley and Hope, but can’t say too much at this point.

      In terms of other changes – it’s important to maintain the quality of what the site has to offer, I am frankly still thinking through how to best sustain and grow the site for the reading community.

      I should have another update for you guys in a week or so.

      If you’re interested and want to discuss, I’m available at 202.468.6043 or via email: james@districtmediafinance.com



  • Reply Reece |

    Noooooo! We’re so invested in Ashley……please tell me she’s going to continue to contribute….
    That’s the key to growing the community; getting a few bloggers who will resonate with the readers and aren’t afraid to share their lives even when it’s not pretty. And who seek out and accept advice when needed.

  • Reply Christine |

    Also chiming in to echo everyone else- I’ve been reading here since Beks and hope that we get some closure from Ashley and Hope (especially Ashley as she was the most consistent with her writing). Hoping this site continues- absolutely hate the guest posts – love getting invested in bloggers who are consistent in their writing.

  • Reply Jenna |

    In case Ashley & Hope are reading – THANK YOU both for including us in your stories & lives [ups & downs]. The details of above makes way more sense to the recent radio silence and I wish you both the very best with whatever decisions you make.

  • Reply Emily N. |

    I looked up District Media Finance and they seem to be a company that buys up finance blogs. I clicked through to a couple of their blogs and the content is all super generic. If this blog goes the same way, I won’t be reading anymore.

    Ashley, if you start your own blog, I’ll be your first follower!

  • Reply Mindy |

    I’ve been reading this blog for years. I will not be continuing if it goes in the direction this post seems to imply. This feels skeezy, spammy, and not at all in line with the spirit of this blog and readership.

  • Reply Chasity |

    And just when I was thinking about becoming a contributor! I presumed that it might be a small amount but I NEVER would have thought that all of the hard work by Ashley and Hope was for free. I mean it is almost better to just start your own blog. I have read this blog since Beks and have enjoyed *most of the material. I wish we had an update on what is going on with Hope and Ashley. If either Ashley or Hope is reading I wish you all the best in your debt free journey (in case you do not want to work for free in which case I dont blame you 😉

  • Reply TPol |

    I am officially done with this blog. Will take it off my blogroll as soon as possible. Wish all the best for all the contributors and followers.

  • Reply Angie |

    I’m out too sadly. I’ve loved the personal and light nature of this blog with the past bloggers. Now with the buy up you will be counting down the months until every post on this blog is x# of ways to do xxxxxx. Seriously go to the website and click on their blogrolls every website is the same.

    I also agree you are a scammer and unethical (and illegal) for wanting people to work for free. You are preying on people that are at their rock bottom with overwhelming debt. People who are on the brink of homelessness and bankruptcy. And you want them to work for FREE while you profit. I realize this is the way the site was setup previously, but I also believe it was not taking in much money. Soon you will be blasting out sponsored or clickbait posts to make money while the bloggers are the ones creating the content that people actually care about. I have no respect for you. Preying on people who need help. Pathetic.

  • Reply Kili |

    I definitly want to follow Ashley’s journey as well. I think there are a bunch of loyal readers that would support Ashley’s new endeavours.

  • Reply Shauna |

    I would certainly follow Ashley’s personal blog if she were to put one out there. It seems that this site was purchased for the number of page views it was getting. I don’t see that being maintained with the content over the last few weeks.

  • Reply Carina |

    I only stayed to follow Ashley’s story… Guess I may unbookmark the site if she’s gotten the boot.

  • Reply Lucy |

    For anyone looking for another blogger to follow, check out Rhitter94 (she posted a comment on Aug 25). She blogs over at Destination: Planet Debt Free and has quite an interesting journey. As a blogger in her 50s who is deeply in debt, I’m sure she would appreciate some love from the blogging community.

  • Reply Lucy |

    More about the new owner of the blog can be found at https://www.districtmediafinance.com/about-us/

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