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A Blessing in Disguise


One of my biggest dreads this past fall was living in the camper for the winter.  Going outside and up and down slippery stairs to go to the bathroom, inadequate heat and just being cooped up in the tiny space, literally on top of each other.  If I let my mind go there, the darkness would overwhelm me.

We were all so excited to escape for the holidays to my grandmothers home and our short jaunt to Texas, as Christmas got closer and our return date got closer, I could feel my stomach tightening with dread.  Then I go the text. And we were homeless.

And as grateful as I was for the housing and the experiences we had…it was kind of a relief to know that we wouldn’t be spending the winter in the camper.

The housing we have been provided for these next weeks is beautiful! It’s newly remodeled and barely lived in (empty nesters.)  It’s like living in a dream.  I even got to soak in a bathtub for the first time in I don’t know how many years.  After the last two years so scrimping by, tiny living and shared space, this has been such a blessing.  And we’ve only been here a week.

We are not being charged any rent or utilities, but I am buying all the food and cooking and cleaning.  I imagine this is what most people live like every day…but for us, this is totally new.  Each of us has our own bedroom, our own bathroom (Princess and I have a jack and jill set up,) there is a pool table, washer and dryer, and we even have a dedicated school room.  I admit it, we feel a bit spoiled.

But I am so grateful, overwhelmed, by thankfulness in fact.  All I can say is that God heard my cries and he answered me, in a big, giant way.

It’s just temporary, but the respite from the daily struggle and stress has already worked wonders on my soul.  And I know, that whatever comes next will be okay.

Continuing the job hunt, preparing to pack and move everything to GA and make it our homebase until work allows us to settle somewhere, and completely open to whatever comes next.  And this weekend, we go to the Naval Academy in Annapolis where Gymnast will compete in the Navy Challenge.  Wish us luck as we will be fighting the inauguration traffic both ways…ugh!


  • Reply tpol1 |

    I hope, you will be able to find a nice job and good housing before your term is up. Sending good vibes and prayers your way.

  • Reply Kili |

    Good luck with The Job hunt.sounds like you have a wonderful temporary housing solution. Who’s House is it ans why is it Free at The Moment if you dont mind me asking?
    Good Luck to little gymnast as well.

    • Reply Hope |

      It is someone local, but they do not want to be identified. Their daughter saw a Facebook post about our housing situation and they reached out. They offered it to us through March 1 when they will be putting their house on the market. Just divine timing on how it all worked out. Let’s Gymnast finish his regular season here, and really has given me a wonderful break. I could not be more grateful.

  • Reply Walnut |

    It’s like you guys are living in a super fancy AirBnB on a vacation! Enjoy the time while you have it!

    • Reply Hope |

      I know, it’s absolutely amazing and I am loving every moment of this. I know some people are raised like this and accustomed to it, but for us it’s a complete dream.

  • Reply Megan |

    I am so glad to hear that the silver lining of a hard situation is already so clear for you all. Enjoy the breaks that come to you.

    • Reply Hope |

      Thank you, Megan, it is certainly refreshing and has given me a completely new outlook on life. This respite was much needed!

  • Reply Jen From Boston |

    It just occurred to me that moving to GA may allow you to settle someplace that has a lower cost of living. If I recall, where you were living had a relatively high cost of living. It would be great if you could end up lowering your overall housing, food, and utilities cost!

    In the meantime I am happy you and your family are getting a nice break.

    • Reply Hope |

      Yes, the move to GA, especially if we can settle in Northern GA will make a significant difference in the cost of living. If I end up taking a job in Atlanta, that will not be true. We are certainly enjoying this break, it was much needed!

  • Reply Anonymous |

    “Because he loves me, says the Lord, I will rescue him, I will protect him for he acknowledges my name.” Psalm 91:14

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